Huawei Honor Band 4

tmp7494In this morning’s post the Honor Band 4 Smartband – and lovely it is too. It has a little USB charge lead that connects to the band and hooks to any USB supply. Sitting in the garden I just happened to have my sadly-no-longer-sold-by-Currys Mixx Charge Power Bank – and without rising from my seat, plugged in the band.

Shortly thereafter,  the band had 80% charge and came up in Chinese but with a QR Code (how did we ever manage before these were invented) and so I told my Pocophone to scan the code and the next thing the Health App was on it’s way.

Next, I registered with the App and hit the + sign to add a new device, I told the APP I have the Honor 4. The band registered by Bluetooth immediately and next, I looked at upgrade options and was presented with the option to upgrade it’s firmware. I agreed and moments later, a fully up to date band operating in English. That reduced the charge to 70%, not bad as it was a big upgrade, Lovely and there is a UK hotline for the APP. I’m sure that applies to other countries, too. I fully charged the band and I’ve been wearing it ever since – 24 hours and counting.

Huawei Honor 4 SmartBand - BanggoodThis pleasant looking 0.95” AmoLED Colour touchscreen pulse band offers sleep advice, monitors heart rate, apparently checks swimming posture (and therefore must be waterproof – they claim 50m), has a glass front (that’s unusual and useful), heart rate alarms and more.

The English in the advert is bad so I had to figure out some of the functions (though I COULD have read the manual).with TruSleep OFF they claim 14 days battery, with it ON, they claim 6 days. I’ve not had it long enough to prove that either way THOUGH the battery is still claiming 100% 24 hours later.

. How about remote control for the phone camera, only available if you have a Huawei phone (why?)

The default strap is soft plastic but comfy.

As you can see, my SMS-handling band is the black one, I can see a swift purchase coming on to give me some variety or I should say to give my wife some variety. There are lots of bands in this class, so what makes this special? For one thing it works in sunlight and of course it is Huawei.

No blood pressure or oxygen levels in this band but then, a decent-in-sunlight screen is worth losing other features for and this IS readable outdoors.

I checked my pulse rate, that worked a treat. My neighbour has one of these and that’s what triggered me off, as she absolutely loves hers.

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