I7E Alfawise Fitness Tracker

Alfawise Fitness tracker from GearbestThe I7E Fitness Tracker bracelet is my second bracelet of the day – this one came from Gearbest and comes in an adequate if basic case.

As you can see, the bracelet is quite attractive. The App is the freely downloadable Zeroner Health Pro app available in both the Android Playstore and the iPhone equivalent. OwownPro does the same thing – you can’t link to both apps at once so pick one or the other.

Setting up the watch/bracelet took no time at all and getting the Zeroner App running and watch connected was trivial.

The bracelet has a choice of 4 watch-faces – and it shows the temperature and weather though I can only imagine it must get that from the phone.

Alfawise bracelet from GearbestThe display is fairly bright. Heart (pulse) rate is handled, Kcal, distance, steps, ECG testing and Atrial Fibrillation (the latter is unusual).

Meditation training is covered (read that as “timer”) as are the usual sports modes. The bracelet is curved which looks nice though bear in mind that this makes protection nigh on impossible and it IS a plastic finish. In my case the whole thing is black and reasonably stylish.

The Zeroner app can work independently or talk to Google Fit app. I hooked it up to the Google App just for the sake of it.

You may be wondering about battery life as that for me is VERY important – the strap has not been charged for days – and the battery indicator still says 80%

Alfawise I7E Smart Watch :


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