I am always on the lookout for icons, be it for my Node-Red projects (Dashboard) or to replace icons on my Windows Desktop or for other projects – sometimes I need .PNG but in the case of Windows desktop – they should be .ICO files. So on a random hunt this afternoon I was very pleased to discover this lot.  https://sourceforge.net/projects/openiconlibrary/?source=typ_redirect

Magic – all sizes and types and importantly – free.



If you’re aware of more diverse (but have to be great quality and free) icons – do write in the comments section below.


9 thoughts on “Icons

  1. I see at least one icon in there which belongs to a commercial project and is not license free. For private projects it doesn't matter, but I would highly discourage redistributing any of the icons.

    1. Interesting - still -as no-one is planning on distributing as far as I'm aware - no problem. Might be an idea to email them to tell them of the commercial one you spotted. Meanwhile this is going to make a big change to my Pi screens!

    1. As everyone's system is different I cannot go into setting up desktop icons - assuming that is what you meant. In the case of Windows 10 you simply right-click the desktop shortcut - properties - change icon.

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