ijoou Smart Moxibustion Device

The ijoou-B02 is a USB-powered (5v-1amp) pearly white “Smart Moxibustion Device” made in China by Shenzen Baichuanai Technology – here’s their website

In short, two round heating units on which you fix replaceable adhesive pads (moxa patches) so you can stick the two units on your arms, back etc at the “correct acupoints” . You can press the button on each unit once, twice for gentle heat or three times for “hot heat”. Once I got of the floor laughing I decided to give the units a go (after USB charging of course).

ijoou Smart Moxibustion Device

At this point I could just shut up as it’s all on their website, but let’s go with it for a moment. The unit is described as a “herbal remedy for natural pain relief, hands-free, portable and easy to use”. I didn’t find the sticky pads that easy to use but that’s a minor detail.

There is a full user guide online as well as the leaflet you get with the unit and they have apps (the “ijoou” app) for Android and IOS. By this point I was itching to give the gadget a go but had to wait for the units to charge in their case – it didn’t take long for the colour bands to turn green, indicating a full charge..

I put them on my neck, pressing each of the two buttons until they turned cyan. After a while they warmed up a bit – good start, but when I realised I needed more than just something to warm my neck – I went off looking for the App – and that’s where it started to go wrong. For Apple users you go to the Apple Playstore, for Android users you go to their website which does not have a valid security certificate, but worse, there’s a download link that doesn’t actually work. At this point I gave up, partly because I could not get the app and partly as the stickers were beginning to fail. They should work on that,I’ve a fairly normal neck.

Well, there you go – another great idea that needs more work. Bu you have the link if you want to progress it so I’ve done by bit.


4 thoughts on “ijoou Smart Moxibustion Device

  1. Cor $199 for the device and £29 for 30 patches! And how long does the device produce heat for?

    I have a bad back and I get MasterPlast self adhesive heat pads from Poundland at £1 for two. They produce heat by a chemical reaction with air and last for 8 hours. Plus the adhesive works! BUT being analog technology no Bluetooth, no app and no need for a charger. HURRAY!

    1. You could well be right. I said I would review the device. I don’t agree to unconditionally endorse it. I’m annoyed that the app link did not work and that the pads seemed weak.. if they come back with solutions I will report back here or for the cost of an email anyone interested can ask and expect a response. Can’t really review it with a vital part of the process not working.

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