IMPACT Personal Alarm Torch

Impact Alarm Torch XL

Last week, a lady called Marianne Wilson of company “PRotocol” contacted me to see if I’d like to try a new alarm torch. As I had no idea what an “alarm torch” was, I said “sure, why not”.

And here it is, from “Impact UK” all the way to sunny Spain in a few short days.

The British inventor has decades of experience in supplying security devices to police forces around the world. This alarm torch is designed to be carried just in case you encounter a threat, so you can shock any would-be assailant and put them off their stride. That puts you back in control. 

Impact Alarm Torch XL

And here’s the torch, sitting next to my little black Chinese torch. To give a sense of scale, the Impact Personal Alarm Torch is 223mm high and the thin end is 28mm dia, so this isn’t going to fit in a shirt pocket.

On the other hand it has 2 buttons, one to select one of 3 brilliance levels (using 2 Lithium rechargeable cells – USB charging lead provided) – and another to select a very piercing alarm (with bright, high speed flashing light).

So, there it is, a large torch with personal alarm, built like a battleship (that’s aluminium, not plastic). If you are in the market for such a device I suggest you get in touch with the company. Lorcan Adrain kindly provided the Amazon link.

As for brightness, it is brighter than my small black torch which is in itself blindingly bright.

Specs are on the box: weight: 350gm, strobe output: 400lm, light output: 200-300lm, strobe frequency: 20hz, alarm output: 130db, battery charge time: 12hrs. Oh and here’s the link for it’s smaller brother.


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    1. Thanks for that Lorcan – as it happens the lady from PRotocol came back with info this morning and we were having a travel day (because we can – within limits). I’ll update the blog now.

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