Digital Mini Inclinometer

InclinometerAnother item in the post this morning – for when the old fashioned inclinometer will no longer do – how about one powered by a pair of AAA batteries… this one came complete with full English instructions from GearBest.

A neat little gadget, the “Mini Digital Protractor Inclinometer Angle Gauge” is around £12.40 (free shipping)  and while not something most of us would use every day, is a lot more convenient than my old spirit inclinometer and probably more accurate. I end up using such tools pretty much on a once-a-week basis.

This originally came from Gearbest but as they (probably) no longer exist, Banggood or AliExpress  may have them.

Resolution 0.05 degree, accuracy +-0.2 degrees, repeatability 0.1 degree.

This handy pocket inclinometer (unlike my trusty old spirit level) has buttons for zero (for relative measurement – good), backlight and hold. I took my own photos but in this case the stock photo on the GearBest site is better. Around the back are 4 screws (they provide a screwdriver) to remove to fit or change the two AAA batteries.

So, there it is.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is of course not designed for hackers, but on request I pulled out all the screws and can I HELL get the back off. The battery cover opens no problem (just as well, really) but getting to the innards for hacking looks like a job involving finger-nail damage, so I’m going to give that a miss for now if you don’t mind.

Digital Inclinometer from GearBest


9 thoughts on “Digital Mini Inclinometer

  1. I got one of these a few years ago when they first came out for, as DrFragle pointed out, for setting my table-saw blade. It worked fine, but I would have preferred 0.1deg accuracy for making polyhedral models.

    But, the major problem with them is that because they don’t have a ‘hard’ on/off button, they always leak battery power, even when off, and are always dead when you go to get it!

    Most annoying!

  2. Again with the M5Stack-like form: palm-size rounded rect, integrated display, three-buttons.
    I’m keeping a list.

  3. Would be great if this had serial interface for connecting to a micro controller. I know at this price, it is too much to ask. There are inclinometers with serial interface that cost close to $100.

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