ISDT Smart Charger C4

As you can imagine, I’ve looked at many chargers, lots of them have proven to be disappointing, many are just plain boring. Early days but this ISDT C4 charger (from Banggood) looks neither. Indeed it looks marvellous.

C4 Charger

From initial impression through to operation this looks like a complete winner to me up to now. 4 sides of the manual are in English, certainly enough to get started. The unit does charging, discharging, storage charging, activation (for batteries that look dead, I so wish other chargers would do this), analysis and USB charging (to charge phones)….

Firmware can be upgraded online (how many chargers do that) and the unit handles NiCD/NiMH,  Li-Ion, LifePO4, Eneloop and more, charging 26650 batteries at default 2.5 amps (the 12v power supply

The display shows voltage, capacity, charge current and a nice colour graph. There is a touch panel to the right of the IPS LCD colour display panel.

C4 Charger

Impressed? Yes I am. Incidentally where you see “capacity” below, bear in mind you need a complete discharge and recharge to get a proper value there.

C4 with graph

C4 charging 2 batteries - handles up to 4

Maximum total charging power is 30W. Clearly to do this justice, I’ll have to fully discharge some batteries and then fully charge. All that once we’re settled in Spain for the summer.

ISDT C4 8A Touch Screen Smart Battery Charger —
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If you want to look at the glossy ad with spec on the ISDT site.. here it is..


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