K2 OLED HD Colour Display Bluetooth Smartwatch

K2 SmartwatchThis item turned up for me on my return from the USA: The K2 OLED Bluetooth Smartwatch.

It has magnetic charging and an App for iPhone and Android – I used the Android version.. called “iband”. The app is referred to in the 12-sided booklet that comes with this inexpensive watch and it all works well. I had no difficulties at all pairing the watch to my Pocophone F1, a process which thanks to the use of a QR-code took moments only.

The watch has a decent display (but like others of this kind, don’t expect miracles in bright summer sunshine) and the band is replaceable, being standard in size. On the underside of the watch is the usual optical pulse-rate sensor. There are no buttons on this watch, instead, the working face is touch-sensitive. By end of day 4 of using the watch, I noted that the charge indicator still shows around 80% – THAT’s a really good start.

Not only that but a quick check in the Android App produced updates for not only the APP but also the watch firmware so I’m now fully up to date.

Here’s the link: K2 OLED Swimming Long Stand-by Time Smart Watch -- https://goo.gl/FkDeTi

The K2 watch claims to be IP68 waterproof with polished sapphire glass. The 200maH battery claims to give 25-30 days standby or 10-15 days general use per charge – time will tell. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, pedometer, sleep monitoring, message synchronisation, incoming call reminder and more. The unit takes around 3 hours to fully charge, actual time will vary depending on your charger. The watch merely comes with a magnetic USB lead. The watch arrived will packed and presented.

Up to now, I like it and it seems to do what it claims. Mine came with the red-black 2-tone strap. Other colour combinations are available.


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