K7 Double Spout Humidifier with 3.3L Capacity Tank

K7 Humidifier

Banggood recently sent me this – both my wife and I suffer from dry throats at night and the smaller humidifiers – nice as some of them are, just don’t put out enough vapour nor do most of them last all night. K7 to the rescue. We both love it (she prefers without the lights, I prefer with the lights).

The tank is easily separated from the rest for easy filling and cleaning. The unit runs off USB. See the short video to get an idea of how well this unit works.


2 thoughts on “K7 Double Spout Humidifier with 3.3L Capacity Tank

    1. Hi Steve

      The reason I included a short length of video was to try to give an impression of the kind of throughput. However, it has now been running for 24 hours continuously and has JUST run out of the 3 litres of water I put into it. That is obviously considerably longer than more common units. As to sound levels, positioned on a shelf maybe 0.5m above the top of the headboard of our bed, at no point was my sleep disturbed. Not sure what other info you want that isn’t in the specs.

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