KSGER T12 Soldering Station

Soldering station

A quick writeup about the V2.1S T12 Digital Temperature Controller Soldering Station courtesy of Banggood – the unit comes minus mains power cable and with a single all-in-one tip – but looks very sturdy.

KSGER Soldering Station

So above I’ve shown what you get with the package, below I’ll show the unit assembled (takes seconds) and running – I put a UK mains lead on it – all that is missing is a soldering iron holder but that’s fine. Operation should be obvious – a single button with push to set limits.

KSGER T12 Soldering Station

And finally – in operation at 300c with some paste I happened to have handy. This is not my first KSGER iron – I left the other one in the UK so I was particularly pleased to see this arrive in the post from China. I can use this tip for general electronics soldering, I will order something a little finer for surface mount work. Looking back at that link, Banggood do a base for the iron and spare tips not to mention sponges – which have JUST arrived. Here are the tips – they also do the sponges and all sorts of other extras.


When I realised I’d not ordered a stand or spare tips, Banggood were quick to help out — check out the KSGER soldering tips 5-pack – and the KSGER soldering iron station stand – they do sponges as well but I’m sure I have plenty of those in the kitchen. The stand is cheap and cheerful – but importortantly it does the job and now sits as a permanent addition to my worktop.

Soldering base and tips

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  1. I got a TS-80 to replace my cheap old station and I really like it, but I’ve been eyeing one of these KSGER T12 stations for a while to get something a little more bench oriented.

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