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It is Christmas and time for some new gadgets. I’ve used all manner of logic analysers from the tiny Salae analysers (and the clones) through to expensive and large ZeroPlus monsters. The former are not really a lot of use due to limited bandwidth, the latter (in particular the big 64 channel job) are at least for me, way overkill. I just need something to help me with my little ESP8266 and Raspberry Pi projects with reasonable speed and accuracy while not taking up a lot of room. I do like Ikalogic kit but like the Salae units, the small size is a tad deceptive as you still need a PC or tablet for the display.

And so in comes the LA104 – a 100Msa/s (max sampling) neat, self-contained (complete with display) pocket Logic Analyser that ticks the above boxes and more. The unit arrived in a nice box, fully charged and with a spare set of leads. No USB charge lead was provided but then – microUSB leads – there anyone who doesn’t have at least one lying around? And thanks for the feedback guys – I’m adding this link to the firmware page –

I noted that the isn’t particularly cheap on Amazon but from , it is quite reasonable. Mine took a couple of weeks to arrive.


Not only is the LA104 thin, it is also lightweight and the 320×240 2.8″ screen is sharp and easy to read. Logic input range is 0-5v so no problems with 3v3 or 5v logic.

LA104 with spare lead

At this point, the mandatory specs… but first a summary – this pocket size uit is great for checking out I2c, SPI and UART signals as well as “user-defined” protocols. My own interests are mainly limited to the first two.

The adverts claim the unit comes with English manual – in fact, it has a folded sheet of card, one side of which is in English, the other in Chinese – HOWEVER, here is THIS PDF manual with 22 small pages all in English…

In case anyone is wondering about packaging – quite substancial – and arrived in perfect condition.

LA104 from Banggood

And so to the spec…


LA104 is a 4 channel logic analyzer with a built-in screen and battery. The shell is made of a CNC machined aluminum alloy. With its compact and portable design, this unit provides a versatile and powerful solution to your analyzing needs!


● Storage: 8MB USB flash disk memory
● Screen Size: 2.8”
● Screen Resolution: 320 × 240
● Battery: 500mAh
● Dimension: 100 × 56 × 8.6mm
● Weight: 83g
● Certifications: CE, FCC

● Channels: 4
● Max Sample Rate: 100Msa/s
● Minimum capture pulse width: 10ns
● Input impedance: 1MΩ

● Channels: 4
● Mode: SPI, I2C, UART
● 3V output Channel: 1

1 x LA104 Digital Logic Analyzer
20 x DuPont Wire
5 x Probe Hook
1 x English “Manual”


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  1. Pete,
    Sometimes I buy stuff from your blog which I never end up using.
    But I needed to see if a gps module was working—remembered this, searched through piles of boxes until I found it, figured out the controls and it worked!
    I don’t remember paying $140 for it.

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