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I’ve bought MANY LED lamps over the years as we use them exclusively throughout the house and my office. There was as time I didn’t know any better and bought them from B&Q (don’t EVER do that – I CRINGE when I see first time buyers going there for lighting) and until a few months ago went to Poundstretcher for them as well until I realised the ones I bought which were short lived were almost always the Poundstretcher ones (Hyundai) .

Since then I’ve been sending off to China – generally without problems (unlike the LED lights in the Chinese stores in Southern Spain which are generally not that good – and usually 6400K – good for kitchens and bathrooms but not really the rest of the house) – anyway last week I was short of an E14 LED (the last of my CFC desk lamps packed in) and so I went onto Ebay and (not for any specific reason at the time) to this UK-based seller… meero-london ( 124838 ) I have two different kinds – £1.99 each which is not bad as it includes post. 5W 2700K (warm) – as against 6400K COLD (I really hate those). They are both a nice warm white, bright and look ok. As for longevity – time will tell but up to now, impressed, speedy delivery and easily contactable. Thanks to you readrers for feedback – here are more adaptor/convertors


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  1. So, put eight of the same in the kitchen last week…..what a difference, love the colour temp, much more ‘homely’

    Now changing the Bayonet’day-light-cold’ bulbs in the landing for warm, think they are either 2700 or 3200….

    1. Hi John

      Yes, getting the right colour “temperature” is something of a black art, which is one reason I use lots of 5v serial RGB LEDs- my own software and others like Tasmota can select how much of each colour I want – but there is no doubt that having to have a controller and power supplies for that and the LEDs is no-where near as convenient as just plugging in a bulb 🙂

      (by way of diversion, in Spain I have a pergola and my neighbours joke about it looking like a brothel when I turn the lighting to a warm pink as against the more usual lime green). You need LOTS of RGB LEDs to get FUNCTIONAL lighting in any colour.

      Back to standard lights – when I first started spending my summers in Spain a few years ago, the Chinese store sold the most horrid, cold “daylight” bulbs at 6400k, thankfully now there is more choice and also the UK stores, despite rip-off charges, tend to have more variety today.

      I even noticed that B&Q (at ridiculous prices) have those nice warm LED lamps (12w+) with the metallic coating on them – they have a nice winter-warm feel to them. Getting such lights online is getting easier but getting decent whites generally online is still something of a black art (not to mention variable reliability), hence the reason I shared my exterience in the blog. Since then I bought more E14s from the same supplier. http://bit.ly/cheapyleds

      Glad the blog entry is useful. I alo found some cheap E27 to bayonet and bayonet to E27 adaptors. All I need now are adaptors from A14 to Bayonet and vice-versa to be fully equipped. Ideas, comments anyone?

        1. Good one Antonio – but not cheap from Amazon… I wonder if AliExpress have something similar. Still – just as well to know about.


  2. Well, I like them, great colour, almost Autumn afternoon light.
    I put 4x6w in the bathroom…..its a tad too bright lol.
    Next to replace the eight in kitchen, same 6w.

    I do like them though, they run cool to touch and provide a nice even defused light.

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