Lenovo HF03X SmartBand

HF03XI picked the HF03X from Gearbest because it seems to have all the right features in a smartwatch/smartband at a reasonable price. Colour, decent battery charge life, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen levels, sleep, sport, notifications, alarm etc.  The last watch from GearBest was the Xiaomi Mi 3 – lovely, gets daily use but it is monochrome. That hasn’t stopped my wife loving it but I think that’s about to change? Of course, one has to have a working watch and a going out watch so there’s room for both.

There’s a single touch point near the bottom of the HF03X colour screen. Pressing that for 3 seconds starts the watch and the screen lights up. The green heart rate sensor is, as usual on the underside of the watch body.

Aside from referencing an old App who is about to become extinct, setup was the easiest I’ve seen yet. I grabbed the Android “Lenovo Life” app from the PlayStore, registered and moments later I was adding the watch to the app, no problem. Other than that the app is pretty much as you’d expect. Bluetooth is 4.2.

Lenovo HX03F Smart Watch: https://goo.gl/AZDxMz

tmp7B39To charge, the bottom half of the watch strap simply detaches and you plug the watch into any USB charger, I use a Blitzwolf 4-output USB charger most of the time.

Boxing was adequate. The instructions that arrived with the watch are in Chinese, French and English and are pretty straightforward. More information can be gleaned from the Gearbest site. With the benefit of experience I can tell you that the battery DOES last several days – but be warned that like many similay bands, this comes by keeping the brightness levels down. Perfectly adequate for the UK and for indoor use but no good at all in brilliant Spanish summer sun for example. I went out this morning (July 17) and wanted to check my step count. No chance.

tmpF5DDScreen resolution of this colour display is 160*80 with a very narrow border and the HX03F sports a variety of faces. As for waterproofing, the leaflet makes it clear the bracelet is rain resistant but you should not wear this model while taking a shower or bath.