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Recently I received several IOT units from a company called Meross (designed in California, made in China I noted on one of the boxes) including the UK version of their MSS310 power-monitoring Smart Plug, their Smart Radiator Thermostatic starter kit and othe items.

Now, before I launch into this, I must say that it is my current understanding that this equipment does NOT use ESP8266 and hence is not hackable with Tasmota – if that is correct (and I believe it is), this article may not be of much interested to those interested in hacking – so don’t say I didn’t put that up front. However, with one caviat, the equipment I received is high quality and works out of the box, I had minor issues setting up the thermostat and Meross tech support came back immediately – as it happens I figured out what I was doing wrong.

MSS310 Smart Switch

Setting up the UK MSS310 Smart Switch was easy. Out of the box, ths smart plug went into my wall socket and lit up immediately – no button pressing. I downloaded the Meross APP to my Android phone and created an account with nothing more than my email address and a new password. The next thing to do was hit + on the APP and tell it what kind of Meross product I was setting up. The APP then asked for my WiFi password and that was it. I didn’t have to inform my phone to use a temporary access point.

I plugged a lamp into the MSS310 and turned it off using the button and then the APP to test. I then used the APP to upgrade the firmware on the MSS310 – no skill, patience or expertise needed at all. The unit also works with Alexa and Google Home. I noted on the box reference to IFTT but didn’t progress that one .Easy – if you don’t mind using the Meross cloud that is. In the APP I could see power consumption and voltage and there is also the option on the device for timers including sunrise and sunset. If you want custom configuration (tasmota) you’ll be disappointed – if you want EASY, this device has you covered.

With the above in mind, Meross sent me 5% discount links who’s usefulness ended on March 9, 2020:

MTS100H thermostat with hub
code :FQ5XEMPC  

MSS310 smart plug with energy monitor (2 pack)
code :VZC8284X  

MSS420F smart power strip
code: Y37PT4F9

And now, the Meross MSS210 13A Smartplug which does NOT do power monitoring but is otherwise the same visually and otherwise. It took less than a minute, most of that with me sitting doing nothing, for the new socket to come online. Simple. At the start, the unit LED (which you can switch off if you want) was flashing orange and green, the flashing stopped once the MSS210 was set up. I set up two of the MSS210 adaptors and the only thing I found odd was that on removing the first MSS210 and installing the second, the App pointed out that the first was no longer available, yet made no comments about the MS310 being unavailable. Weird. The UK version of the above all handle 13A. Size: 2.65 x 2.65 x 1.88 inches (not sure why they think we use Imperial measurement)

Power strip from Meross

The Meross MSS420F (above) is their 4-way Smart Surge Protecting extension. That powered up with 4 socket lights on solid green and an on-off button flashing green. I opened up the APP to add the device. Configuration amounted to pressing OK a couple of times. The APP has 5 buttons for this device, one is all on and all off, the other 4 are individual on-off controls. As far as I can tell there are no timers – nothing – just on and off. The manual does refer to Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTT control of course. In total the 4 outputs can handle a 10A collective load.

I have a gripe about this 4-way socket and it’s a big one. After less than a couple of weeks of testing, one of the LIVE plastic covers moved slightly with the effect that it became impossible to insert a plug. I’m waiting to hear back following a request for a replacement – I’ll let you know how that goes. As these are not cheap, I guess much hinges on their service or lack of it. Email: – Web: – Address info on the box includes: Libelle Consulting GmbH, Deuchland.

I’m waiting to progress the Rrdiator thermostat and rapidly running out of time before our travels but meanwhile above is a picture (note – clearly you don’t get the phone with this – the App is the same one used with their other products. I got the kit comprising the little hub and an actual battery powered stat (with adaptors for different setups).


4 thoughts on “Meross Home Control

  1. With regard to the radiator thermostat it will be interesting to know how they perform for range and battery life – I’ve tried similar in the past and both were poor – I think being stuck onto a large sheet of metal (the radiator) is probably the limiting factor. I now use a mains powered actuator such as the one I have linked below along with a sonoff basic and a ds18b20 along with your node red thermostat program and I get individual control for every room via mqtt and full Alexa voice control and because it is under my control I can adjust the settings to outside temperatures and forecasts . In addition because the Sonoff and the ds18b20 are some way from the radiator I get good signal range and accurate room temperature rather than radiator temperature as you get with TRV’s. Total cost well under £10 per room.$483a0508376749d8a21ed50c6d222b8a&ck=in_edm_other

    1. Agree battery life needs testing. Rang too but recent RF stuff I’ve has has been better than in days of old, not much but a little. Having said that, we bought a new Air Source heating system end of 2018 and the first thing I did was to bin the RF portable thermostat which used RF in favour of my own dual SSID WIFI version.

      Yup I am with you all the way here though I would never actually RELY on Alexa and I’m sure you don’t. MQTT over WIFI hsa been rock solid for me – along with Node-Red Dashboard (not the prettiest but it works).

    2. Steve, that is very interesting that you are having success with UFH manifold actuators. I had proposed that they might work on radiators on Peter’s blog some time ago and more recently suggested them as an option to a particular issue Peter had. I have not had time to try them myself but based on your post I will in the near future. The price of the items you linked is good too, if one can get anything out of China these days! I don’t even know if BG and Ali are even shipping anything.

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