Meross MSL120 RGB E27 Light Bulb

Meross MSL120 RGBW Lamp

This is going to be a quick one. The Meross MSL120 E15 RGB light bulb works just fine with their Meross APP, giving the usual RGB control features including warm and cool white + RGB.

Sadly, Meross continue to use chips other than ESP8266 or ESP32 so their lamps at least cannot be used locally with ESPHOME or Tasmota and as far as I can see, the one MEROSS node for Node-Red does not work with their lights and that’s a shame. 810 lumens output (they don’t state WHEN but I’d say only with WHITE though the colour looked bright enough).

There is also nothing in the docs supplied with the lamp to suggest they are GDPR-compliant which means their servers could be literally anywhere. If you’re happy with that – fine – I prefer my lights to have local control – if you’ve ever had your broadband go down and faced a day or 3 without broadband you’ll get my feelings on the subject – if Alexa goes down, big deal but working without light controls is not my idea of fun.

Designed in California apparently – made in China. I doubt if I believe the 22 year lifespan claim though 3 hrs a day – it must be very sunny in California). Lamp feels solid.

Update October 23, 2021 – nothing has changed, no sign of support on the Tasmota template site – which pretty much guarantees that the Meross lamp is NOT ESP8266 or ESP32-based. However, if you’re happy with the Merross app thats fine.