Mikato S2 Smart PIR Toothbrush Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer

It seems like an age ago that I wrote about the Soocas X3 Electric Toothbrushes.. and yet in fact it was just a couple of weeks ago – and now THIS – the Mikatu S2 Smart PIR Induction Electric Toothbrush Sterilizer Holder (to give it the full title).

Mikatu S2 UV Sterlizer

I was and am impressed with the ultrasonic toothbrushes but even MORE happy now I have this UV sterilizer to go with them!!! I JUST mounted it on the wall so I can’t say anything about the adhesive on the mount other than it works for now. The USB lead does NOT need to be left plugged in permanently.

The whole thing looks great – there’s a UV tube and fan inside, all powered by an internal USB-rechargeable battery. I left our brushes on cleaning last night – the sterilizer automatically turns off after a short time or if you attempt to lift the lid.

Inside there is a UV sterilizing tube and fan (note: a real, slim tube, not a bunch of LEDs) and there’s a nice button on the front (complete with indicator LED) for on-off control – that’s it, simple. The unit comes with detachable back holder which glues to your wall with 3M adhesive backing supplied.

Instructions include 6 sides in English (not that you really need them) and the unit came in a nice box, well packed.