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This morning I received a package in the post which included a couple of Blitzwolf Smart sockets including the BW-SHP6 (2350w). You may then recall that I’d been made aware that there was a “pro” version of one of that model of smart socket – same name (exactly) but higher capacity and power monitoring – slightly different number on the case.

Well, I have one of the latter now – again simply called the BlitzWolf® BW-SHP6 Smart Socket – the Banggood link is above – but this is NOT the same as the older non-pro version as this handles up to 3450W and of course the unit has has Power Monitoring (voltage, amps, watts). There seems to be no distinction in the part name or number – just the clear printed reference to max. wattage as above.


In addition to that I now have the BlitzWolf® BW-SHP5 2.1A Dual USB Ports 16A Smart WIFI Socket and this one, as well as handling 3680w and having power monitoring, also has 2 USB sockets on the underside – 5v at 2.1A total – and all of this is controlled by the Blitzwolf APP.

Setup took seconds – I simply plugged the sockets into our 220v mains outlets one at a time and started up the APP, telling it I had new devices. Again within seconds the sockets (one at a time) were registered with the APP and once both were done I checked the USB switching on the SHP5 and the power out and power monitoring on both. As we have electric heat back in Spain these will be ideal – smaller, less powerful smart sockets simply would not handle that amount of power. I believe our heating radiators over there are no more than 3KW worst case (and these are not very inductive loads) so I don’t expect any issues. As heat is where most of our winter electricity charges come from, the extra monitoring ability will come in handy.

Power Monitoring

As most of you know I tend not to use cloud operation for essential features so despite the perfect operation you see above, I have already now converted these (using Tuya-convert) to run the Tasmota firmware – and I made use of the templates for these sockets at the Blakadder site. But that’s just me. The sockets run just fine out of the box with Alexa, power monitoring, scheduling snf more – in the case of the BW-SHP5 including separately controlled dual USB output..

Blakadder template example


6 thoughts on “More Blitzwolf Blitz from Banggood

  1. morning Peter, those sockets look interesting. In the UK do you plug those Blitzwolf sockets into a 13A plug adapter? and then presumably you have some round pin plugs that fit the Blitzwolf socket. I am asking because I have a use for the functionality of the device and I was thinking of hacking (butchering) one to fit into a suitable waterproof box to use in-line in a cable. My application is for fixed 240 VAC soil heating cables.

    1. Blitzwolf have a UK version in the pipe line, it’s on Banggood pre-order currently for under £10 with delivery. It’s called “BlitzWolf® BW-SHP11 16A 3520W UK Plug Smart Switch” and I have bought one with a late June release date.
      It looks identical to the BW-SHP5 but with a UK plug

  2. i have 13A universal adaptors everywhere yes and I go out of my way to get ptoducts that use EU plugs so I don’t need so many adaptors when I’m in Spain. Most of these smart sockets have UK equivalents – I do get some but prefer the EU versions generally.

  3. I have pre-ordered a couple of of the higher powered ones to try out. I think there will be the usual issue of them fouling the switches on the common UK twin outlet 13A sockets given the adapter width of 55 mm and 60 mm high.
    The quoted 16A and 3520W implies a voltage of 220. The nominal UK mains voltage is 240 VAC but is actually specified as 230 -6% / +10% which gives 216 to 253 volts. At 240 volt a current of 14.6A which is useful as it gives a bit of headroom on the 13A maximum rating of UK plug tops.

    1. Hi Bob

      Here in the Northeast of England I get as high as 250v, though recently I’ve been noticing around 240v. I do manage to control a 3KW immersion heater on a 13A wall socket without significant warming but I am using fairly heavy cable to be safe.

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