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In the mailbag I have two USB goodies from Blitzwolf – courtesy of Banggood – a Blitzwolf® BW-AC1 3A 90°Right Angle USB A to Type-C Data Cable and a BlitzWolf® BW-TH5 7 in 1 USB-C Data Hub

Firstly I needed the cable as I’ve just thrown away a black type C cable that was sitting here in the car in Spanish summer heat and the cable was showing signs of serious overheating. I thought I’d take the oppportunity to replace it and have a 90 degree USB-C connector at the same time.

Secondly, I have a new (fairly) tablet which is typical of modern, light tablets and has one high speed USB-C connection so this new hub will give me three standard USB 3 sockets along with USB C, SD and micro-SD connections – all in one handy unit that will easily fit into my tablet case.

The Blitzwolf 7-in-1 hub has a distinctive look to it – and has a standard HDMI video connector as well – I LIKE IT – so – I can now also have an external monitor on my new tablet. This photo below pretty much says it all but my tablet has only ONE USB C port so this is really quite relevant to me.

7-in-1 USB Hub and USB C 90 degree lead from Blitzwolf and Banggood

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