More ESP8266 Woes

Updated Sunday 22/06/2015 : The thing about the ESP8266 is there is always something new to discover problems with!!

So this week –

The new PWM module appears to have issues and as we don’t have the source, we can’t fix them.  Right now it will only do up to 90-95% duty cycle– and once it starts up there is no way to stop it – that is, attempts to use tight code for, say, serial LED control fail because of the interrupts going on in the background – I’ve asked for fixes and a stop routine. Started a new version of our board with 3 MOSFETS on it in anticipation of getting this working.

SNTP – the sntp routines work – you can get the time from a server – but if you add in from the SDK documentation, the bit to set the time zone first – it will then NOT get the time.  A better example is needed. The default time routine gives the time not at GMT – but GMT-5 ?!!?!?!   So you need to add the number of hours for where you are (*60*60). That leaves just the summer/winter correction which is a whole other ball game.