More Tasmota, ZemiSmart and some Colour Fun


We have lots of IOT going on right now. So, firstly – in the DEV release of Tasmota (alternative firmware for ESP8266 processors – keep up!) we noted changes not necessarily reflected in dev version changes (well, that’s why they are development versions I guess)… As of Monday April 20, 2020, there is a change to button behaviour – with the new SETOPTION73 (abbreviation now available for example SO73) which is now the DEFAULT setting, at least in the current DEV version.. well, check out this example:

SO73 in Tasmota

Got to the Tasmota DOCS for more on this – the author of these new changes is @effelle#0598 (Federico Leoni) on DISCORD and he’s really helpful. (If you want button operation as before – without these new features, just use setoption13 (SO13) so you only get TOGGLE – nothing else on the button. If you want to have the multipress but no triggering of the relay, use setoption73, or use button 2 to 4 with rules to block unwanted behavior.

It did occur to me that this new Tasmota behaviour might be dangerous in the extreme situation where RELAY1 is a simple light in another room and RELAY2 is an expensive heater in another room, is there a chance of wasted electricity here or am I being over-cautious? I generally prefer one button for one job where possible.

Next on today’s list

ZemiSmart GU5.3 RGBCCW lights (I’ve always called this type of light MR16 but my MR16 ceiling casings are an impossibly tight fit for the new lamps (springs get in the way). So the new lamps – mine came via Amazon but you can get them directly from ZemiSmart – I converted one to Tasmota and hit an issue with the colour RED (only). I wondered if it was Tasmota so checked out a virgin, unaltered light. Watch this:

"Alexa set smart bulb 8 to red/green/blue"

All the colours respond perfectly except RED which prompts Alexa to ask daft questions like “You have Smart Life enabled, do you want to open it?”. “Alexa, f*** **F” is my now standard response.

The banding in the image above is from my camera, not the lamps – meanwhile, another use for my Baseus self-adhesive metal phone holder i.e. holding rather warm lamps while on test. Certainly beats burning my bench 🙂

Colour fun

I wrote separately about The Orange Pi Zero and “Tuya-Convert” and as the Armbian intro gets boring after a while, I’m playing with these oddly named programs for ASCII text and pretty colours – check them out:


For example:

sudo apt-get install -y cowsay figlet toilet

On the RPi as it happens, the first two were already installed.

For another example – I simply installed below on the Orange Pi Zero as root but on the RPi I did the install as user “pi” and I added “sudo” where necessary (as you see below):

sudo apt install ruby
cd lolcat-master/bin
sudo gem install lolcat
lolcat -h

I know, utterly pointless but hey, I like colour. More as I get to grips. I found this link…

You can probably tell it is getting late at night.. try this in a terminal:

watch -n1 "date '+%D%n%T'|figlet -k" | lolcat


3 thoughts on “More Tasmota, ZemiSmart and some Colour Fun

  1. i think the “heater” problem is not actually a problem… this multipress setup, unless you decouple the states from the actual relays using setoptio73, are meant to be used on multisocket devices, so in case you’ll having both you example items (a lamp and a heater) in the SAME room, not in separate ones… and anyway, multisocket devices are usually not so good in managing high loads, so better using a dedicated 16A smart relay for that and not connecting to the multisocket ones 🙂

    all this was created because so many esphome guys addressed tasmota guys to be able to control many devices with a single button (which is almost ALWAYS the case of multisocket devices, they have a single button), while tasmota couldn’t do that unless of using a bunch of rules… now, you have all working out-of-the-box, thanks to Effelle 🙂

    if you want to see how the NEW normal and decoupled feature works, take a look at this video:

    at the timings indicated: 19:00 for the decoupled behaviour (plus a basic rule you can use), and at 25:00 for the NEW normal default behaviour…

    Pete, suggest adding both video and these timings to article 🙂

    here the pull request by Effelle, which should have been introduced in next RELEASE (aka STABLE) 8.3.0.x version, but Theo loved the function so much that he just integrated and made it default in the DEVEL builds from latest monday ( 🙂

  2. I got here via a search for “you have smart life enabled do you want to open it”. (No I want you to fucking do the thing)

    I thought this was something added on purpose for the first smart life command every day, but thanks to your excellent reporting I’m wondering…

    The first thing we have it do is turn off the air conditioner in the bedroom… The name was “bedroom air conditioner” but with other air conditioners and bedroom lights, Alexa was always confused, so we nicknamed it FRED

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