Mustool G600 Microscope from Banggood

Some time ago, Banggood send me a Mustool G600 Microscope. The intended use for this was and is as a visual aid when assembling and testing small electronic boards (that’s what I need it for anyway).

MUSTOOL Microscope from BanggoodThe scope is excellent for this as it is adjustable from just a few mm height above the test object to 130mm or more. Resolution is also adjustable.

The unit has it’s own backlight and display and runs off USB. It also has an internal rechargeable battery and can run for many hours without a connection to USB power.

As it turns out, when the unit  arrived, I was stuck in hospital for some weeks and for some of that time had difficulty reading anything, full stop. The scope proved to be indispensible in helping me to read. It is worth noting that the scope has an SD memory slot and can make (quality) recordings but I’ve no use for that particular feature.

Now, my eyesight is more or less back to normal and I’m starting to look toward commencing board construction and testing again and the Mustool microscope now has earned a spot on my workbench.

Here is the Banggood link for the G600.

In the photo above, the scope is helping me assemble an Arduino-like board.

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22 thoughts on “Mustool G600 Microscope from Banggood

  1. Hi Peter,
    Am considering a mustool microscope (G600 or G1200). I can’t seem to find anywhere whether the magnification is optical or digital, or a combination. Do you know what the optical magnification is?

  2. I wonder if the warranty is different on different devices or it may be that you’re a reviewer of their kit, I don’t mean that in negative way just it’s a fact to consider.

    Just out of interest did you know what the warranty on the phone was when you bought it?

      1. But then, people need to do their own checking. I’m not an official reviewer. I just review stuff that is fun to do and I’ve given bad reviews where something seems to be rubbish.

      2. I’m going to read the Ts&Cs I think just to understand what the warranty is, it doesn’t look like it’s the same as here. Of course there is no legal requirement in the UK for 12 months warranty, there is consumer protection law but this isn’t the same. Shops can offer whatever warranty they wish but the goods must meet requirements of the consumer protection law. I have been caught out on this before.

        1. whatever you want, but to have your rights affirmed you need to ship back the good to china mainland, and in a trackable way… this usually costs more of the broken good, so better buy a new one…

          1. Seems like it’s definitely a case of buyer beware, maybe I’ll stick to inexpensive parts from China or those I think I can mend myself 🙂

  3. Just wondering what the warranty of any of the kit from Banggood has, I’ve had something fail recently and they told me it was over 2 months old an therefore out of warranty as per the Ts&Cs …..which I never read 🙂

    I’m not that bothered really as it wan’t expensive but I wonder if it’s worth considering this sort of thing when purchasing more expensive items?

  4. Hi Pete

    Mine just arived today and I’m already using it and very happy.

    Starting to wounder how I servived without one.

    PS plus it looks good on the workbench.

  5. Thanks for the review Pete
    The Mustool G600 has been on my “should really buy one” list for a couple of months now.
    Although I got distracted by another similar spec’d microscope that had the addition of a HDMI output as well as the LCD but at three times the price. I can not remember the make/model at the moment.

  6. A few years ago I bought the cheapest of the cheap handheld USB microscope and even that I occasionally find invaluable for checking soldering etc. I sometimes wonder if a better one with a stand etc would be even better!

    1. @John Burton, I did the same thing. It was inexpensive the light is not great (but has 3 levels and off) and it’s adjustable for better focus. It’s great for inspection work.

      I’d think the stand would be very useful and I intend to get my hands on one of these soon. Like someone said it will take some practice and I’m glad to here this one doesn’t has as much delay.

      @Pete, great to hear you’re at it again. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you are back. I hope you are much better now.
    Has this microscope any noticeable delay? Do you think it is ok for smd soldering?

  8. That’s fantastic news, that you will be resuming building and testing soon.
    I bought an Andostar from Banggood about a year ago and found it took a bit of practice to solder via the screen, due to a very small delay in screen refresh.
    But a worthwhile addition to the workbench.

    1. Hi

      I bought the Andonstar some time ago and use it a lot. The Mustool is more expensive but quick and a decent viewing area.


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