Mustool MDS120M 120Mhz Oscilloscope

This neat pocket-size Oscilloscope is currently on sale at Banggood for €63.09 (inc VAT and Duty – plus post) and by all accounts, their customers love it. Smaller than a typical mobile phone yet with 120Mhz bandwith – the device is USB-chargeable and comes complete with USB and *1, *10 scope lead.

Mustool MDS120M from Banggood

The MDS210M also has a settable square wave output from 1Khz to 1Mhz, stores up to 25000 waveforms and has a built-in Lithium battery for around 8 hours use on a charge. There’s a stand on the back – you can see the scope sitting on my desk without being propped up.

The display is 320*240 and the unit is sturdy and slip-resistant. 16 Pages of instruction are in quite readable English

I’ve had several tiny scopes over the years and few of them manage this kind of bandwidth or rugged quality at the price. I’ll refer you back to the Banggood site for all the specifications in English – and a lot more photos).

Do note that the scope lead provided claims only 100Mbps – but then it’s easy to get a better scope lead if you need the extra bandwidth. Simple to use, inexpensive and powerful.

Mustool MDS120M from Banggood

The scope is well boxed and comes complete with silver-coloured carry bag.


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