Mustool MT8206 2 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter

The MT8206 multimeter came from Banggood, falls at the cheaper end and is fairly basic but is non-the-less pleasant to use. It has 200k A/D sampling and 4000 count auto-ranging. Always a good start, there is a useful, printed 34 page manual with the meter.


The MT8206 has 1-button switching to graphical waveform measuring while taking a reading and can display historical data and real time measurement on the same screen.

DC/AC voltage/current, resistance, capacitance,  frequency/duty cycle and the usual diode continuity testing.

meter showing graph

The meter came in a nice box, complete with soft case and decent leads.

Here’s the link:


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7 thoughts on “Mustool MT8206 2 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter

  1. I’ve had that problem and the manual doesn’t mention it but I found out that if I hold the SELE button while turning the meter on it toggles the quiet mode!

  2. How to repair this MUSTOOL MT8206? he remains stuck with what he writes on the diplay

  3. Got a clamp meter the other day from gearbest useable, but I have my doubts it specifications are in tolerance.

  4. Does it beep (diode / continuity) and does d.c. show polarity (+/-). Both features missing from my cheap digital multimeter.

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