Mustool MT8208 2-in-1 Multimeter and Oscillosope

Mustool MT8208

A couple of years ago, regular readers may recall I took a look at the Mustool MT8206 2-in-1 Multimeter and Oscilloscope. Well, things change and now there is the improved MT8208 2-in-1 Multimeter and Oscilloscope – how’s that for a dynamic change of name 🙂

They have of course improved the design, better resolution (as you can see) and it is pretty too. Even more regular users will know that I have more multimeters than I know what to do with – but hey – I like this. Fits in the hand, nice digits and for simple jobs, saves me digging out the oscilloscope, normal AA batteries. solid feel. If anyone has the original MT8206 – they’ve increased the waveform measurement bandwidth from 20Khz to 1Mhz – a worthwhile improvement – along with an increased sampling rate which has gone up from 200Khz to 2.5Mhz. On the link I give below is a PDF copy of the in English along with details and pricing.

Mustool MT-8208 Meter

I’m going to save myself a lot of typing here by showing you pictures of the box. For a low-cost meter this really does look nice – interested parties as always can head off to the for pricing etc.

MT-8208 specs

Banggood refer to this device as the . The link will of course give a lot more detail than I’m including here – suffice it to say I liked the original MT8206 and I like this new model even more – ideal for day-to-day use and of course by the nature of the display it does not need the usual backlight. It works great in the dark and is not at all bad in sunlight.

Mustool MT8208 screens

And get this… the 34-page manual is all in perfectly readable English (though beginners might well ask what a “Millifa” is – no jokes about terrorism please). See the sample images here.

Mustool MT 8208 Meter featured on Scargill's tech blog

11 thoughts on “Mustool MT8208 2-in-1 Multimeter and Oscillosope

  1. DAAAMMMN Pete!
    Here we go again! I just pop by to copy the wget URL for your “Script” and I leave the proud owner of a mini scope meter!

    I hope Banggood are sponsoring your Mahou? They are doing OK out of this blog 🙂

    Thanks, keep up the sharing and I hope the health is 100%

    Grateful as always, Garry

    1. Hi Gary – just for clarity – Banggood don’t sponsor me – in fact I’ve refused sponsorship from several companies as that would be the end of my independence. They do often send me samples – much of the time my comments are positive if the gadget deserves it – but not every time.

      I’m quite thankful for menufacturers and distributore like that who take a chance – and there are a few – I will never praise something that appears to be rubbish after playing with it:-) and I don’t do guest posts either despite dozens of requests every day. As for the companies you see at the bottom of the blog – the only connection I have is that they send samples for honest comments – or I bought stuff from them and liked it – or both.

      Have fun with your new meter. It’s cute.

      1. I will for sure and no way meant to suggest that there was a commercial twist to your reviews! In a “tongue in cheek” sort of way I think I was inferring that I often find myself hooked immediately on the stuff you buy or review and invariably end up buying too! I even have a Huawei Honor Band on my wrist, how ever did I find that gem 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Still enjoying the blog and baked the script into a spare Pi ModalA today for a friend to build some Node-RED and Tasmota via MQTT garden spooks for his already impressive Halloween show. Script still makes this a super nice setup, even on a very slow SBC. It works well with low latency on simple stuff like this too. Again thanks for all the work!


        1. Hi Garry – I just thought I’d better confirm for new readers that I’m not doing this commercially. There are as you know an unfeasable number (probably the majoriy) of reviews and comments out there which are either planted by the companies themselves or written by people getting paid to do the review.

          So, for clarifty (not for you, for others) – I never get paid to do reviews and I don’t allow others to write on my blog, though I do sometimes re-task comments from people I trust, to improve the blog itself or fix a mistake. If I review a product and find it has problems, I’ll occasionally accept or even encourage feedback from the supplier – but it only ends up on the blog if I believe them – and I’ve been around a while 🙂 What is probably not so obvious is the amouint of time I spend updating old entries when someone points out (or I spot) that they are out of date.

          In terms of income – I don’t need sponsors or Patreon or any of those other guys – I’ve a side note on the blog to encourage donations merely so I have a comeback when my wife asks what I’m writing about – by offsetting the cost of domain names, service providers and the likes, I don’t get it in the neck for indulging in my hobby, also much of the time when I DO get samples to play with, I end up buying batteries and cables etc. so not commercial but I prefer if the blog doesn’t cost me – as you can imagine.

          Honor Band – my wife LOVES her Honor Band 5 and I love my Xiaomi Mi 4 – I’m hoping Banggood or another will soon send the Mi 5 as both Honor Band and Mi Band, for me are up there in terms of value for money (I prefer the latter as I’m a watchface fanatic). Writing about kit you love is EASY.

          The script – not now tried on anything slower than an RPi3 for some time but then, changes of late have only been incremental – it’s used on all my own kit.

          I’m glad you enjoy the blog – there are more reviews coming up but don’t be surprised if I put in some R&D stuff when the weather cools off a little – sometimes it just takes user comments to trigger me off and you may have noticed that my Italian friend Antonio has a habit of setting me off on new learning curves 🙂 and he’s not the only one.


          1. All good Pete and yeah, I often forget to check by and excitedly fly over here to see what’s been going on, how you undid some mess when your VPN client updated and such like!!!
            I love the script, have been using a lot of the components since before I discovered your automation so it really is a gift. I have a Pi4 which was booting from a SSD which spectacularly died without a good backup. Not sure what let the smoke out but the PCIE fails to come up on the Pi and the SSD or it’s USB3 intrerface are dead, won’t mount on anything! Which killed which is a mystery!
            The result is a Pi4 2GB with no USB ports or HDMI but which runs fine as a headless machine. I have this embedded in my home alarm control panel and it is my home automaton hub. Does everything from MQTT, Node-RED right down to PiHole and PiVPN. All set up with your script so thanks again! The Pi really has come a long way. I have an original pre-order Pi Model B, and every iteration since. That original Pi did all the home automation lifting for 5 years before the recent hardware upgrade! The script process took about 1.5 hours in total to setup on my Pi4 versus almost a day on the ModelA. If yourself or Antonio have seen anything flaky on the PCI Express since we started using USB boot I would love to know more?
            Thanks again for your help, stay well!


  2. Only problem mate, as a calibration technician the resolution of the meter is probably about +-10 % per the last digit changing too.

  3. I’m interested in buying this but could not find any reviews. What’s the actual bandwidth, given the 2.5Msps sampling rate? Do you have some square waveform pictures? Thanks!

    1. The oscilloscope trace degrades as one approaches 1 MHz. I just took a look at a square wave. At 300 kHz, it is clear. By 500 kHz, it is hard to see if it is a square wave or something else. For me, this hasn’t mattered. And with the frequency counter, I so far measured up to 5 MHz.

  4. Timing couldn’t be better Pete. I’m back to work shortly and needed to buy a cheap portable ‘scope to test BACnet and MODBUS networks … and … my existing multimeter is on the blink! Thanks.

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