Netac N930ES 512GB SSD and Enclosure

Blitzwolf SSD Enclosure from Banggood

Late last year I received the Netac N930ES M.2 2242 SSD 512GB Flash Internal Solid State Drive for use with my Chuwi Larkbox, blogged elsewhere in here.

The Larkbox can handle an extra internal M.2 2242 SSD as against it’s default internal 128GB eMMC – unfortunately only up to 128GB (I discovered that too late) and not the kind of SSD I received – be VERY careful to check you get the right type of SSD if you have a Larkbox and want to expand it. My NETAC 512GB Flash Drive was going to expand the Larkbox – but it can’t.

Blitzwolf Enclosure and Netac 512GB SSD from Banggood

Anyway, rather than face a total loss, I figured I’d have an inexpensive SSD enclosure to make use of the SSD, namely the BlitzWolf┬« M.2 NVMe SSD External Enclosure M-Key

Armed with both a 512GB SSD and a USB3 enclosure to go with it, I was all set – all that remained was to plug it into my PC and format the disk by the usual DISK MANAGER. Done in seconds – works perfectly.

Blitzwolf SSD Enclosure

I did a quick, somewhat un-scientific test of the drive. I have a 7200RPM (recently defragged and mostly empty) 1TB hard drive (D:) on my PC – here are the tests I did, copying the game HUE which amounts to around 456MB on disk (334 files):

Disk to Netac - 8 secs
Disk to disk - 19 secs
Netac to Netac - 8 secs
Netac to disk - 9 secs

Overall, a useful addition to my kit.