New ESP Boards

Are these new? Reader Christian brought these to my attention this evening – price is ok – and if size is at a premium….

tmpD351Small footprint,  USB-to-TTL is on the underside. This is quite interesting when space is an issue. Supplier also has a DHT11 shield:


Next is a piggyback development board with an RGB LED, a photo resistor and three buttons:


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  1. issueing this command from Liberty Basic causes the unit to appear to go into flash mode — open “com8:38400,n,8,1,ds0,cs0,rs” for random as #ESP
    disconnected GPIO-0 and LED reflects same as in Firmware Load….

  2. Loaded a working sketch on ESP13/12E/-201 using Serial input from a software[pc]bridge
    As soon as I open the bridge the unit appears to goto Flash mode , I’m thinking some gpio pins are maybe connected to DTR, RTS ???
    I can connect ESPlorer v0.2 with no issue??

  3. Hi evrybody,

    I’ve just received my mini-nodemcu, today.
    Befor I flash it with my developpements, i would like know where I can found the original soft in it.
    (soft play the rgb led and server on than I can’t found).
    Is there somebody can give an adress ?

    Thank you very much

  4. All 10 units working now… cleaned the rosin between GPIO15 and Grd
    problem sure was solid when starting , windows driver would not work until I lifted the pin, now wondering if it was a windows fluke….

  5. I receive 10 today, mine has sw under antenna,
    only have tried 2 thus far , The serial port fails.. I had to bend GPIO15 out so it
    will not go into socket. Baud is 115200.. unit has weird fw ,,,,
    dhcp server start:(ip:,mask:,gw:192.16)bcn100
    SDK versiobcn 0
    del if1
    mode : sta(5c:cf:7f:81:c8:5c)
    SC version: V2.5.0
    f 0, scandone
    f 0, scandone
    I tried connecting to but could not [ did not try ping]
    Loaded nodeMCu sdk 1.5.0

  6. There are two new stackable shields available for the Wemos D1 mini on Aliexpress in the Wemos store:

    DHT22 shield
    Button shield

    A DHT11 shield was already available since the launch of the D1 mini.

  7. Yes, these two boards have shown up several weeks ago. I ordered both, the Wemos D1 mini and 2 of the Gizwits Witty Cloud Boards (the right one). The Gizwits boards already arrived here. I have played around a little bit with them the last days. It is not bad what you get for a little over 2.70€ but there are some drawbacks to mention.

    The board has a width of 12 pins (not breadboard friendly).

    The micro-USB connector on the top board is for power only, the USB-Serial-chip on the bottom board is a CH340 with a micro-USB data and power connector. You can’t bypass the LDO on the top board (no extra pin). When powering up from the lower USB-serial-adapter board it is starting in flash mode, you need then to press the reset button once to start in normal operation mode.

    Connected onboard inputs and outputs:
    The on-top light resistor is connected to the ADC. The measurable range is quite limited, especially when it comes to bright light.
    PIN 4: Button below antenna on top board, pulls low when pressed
    PIN 12: green LED in RGB-LED
    PIN 13: blue LED in RGB-LED
    PIN 15: red LED in RGB-LED
    The LEDs are still glowing a little bit when not initialized as output.

    Adam is probably right with his hint at the position of the small metal switch under the antenna … unfortunately. The WiFi-performance is not as good as what I expected from an ESP-12f module. The direct comparison between my 2 Gizwits Witty Cloud boards and my other ESP8266-boards using the ESP8266/Arduino WiFiScan sketch shows that some other ESP8266-boards have better sensitivity (measured from the same position on my desk in my office).

    At all it is a nice all-in-one board for learning (e. g. student courses), because it is very cheap and equipped with directly usable inputs and outputs.

    1. @Albrecht.
      Thanks for the infos about LDO and RGC-LEDs of the Mini-MCU
      Tried to get in contact with the seller (Robotz zhang) but only got a link to a chinese-page with a 750MB-Zip. And this can only be loaded with a download-manager
      ESP-12F? why this. Looks like an ESP-12E. Where is the difference? OK antenna looks different.

    2. Very cute board, I got it working under Arduino using Wemos rather than Generic, but yes, the WiFi is lacking.

      The WiFiScan sketch lists about 4 APs (including both my home ones, at least) whereas the Wemos I have lists over 15 and sometimes 20.

      Still, you get what you pay for!

    1. >The same vendor is selling this
      The cheapest ESP-01 I have seen until today, £1.20, 1.65€, US$1.78 incl. shipping. How far can the price go down?

      As a self-confessed china electronics junkie I see myself weeping when the ESP32 comes out and my desk is still filled with ESP8266s.

  8. The D1 Mini board looks lovely, and I’ve been looking to get something that’s better than the dirt cheap barebones ESP8266 I got a year ago. They also crash a lot, which may be related to their cheapness and being one of the first to market. The D1 Mini should be a great little modern replacement. Thank you 🙂

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