New for 2020 – Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds and much more

USA - Chicago Jan 2010

Having spent much of January visiting family in Chicago, USA – I’ll be back to working on the blog in the next day or so. Much to catch up with as well. You would not believe the things that have gone wrong remotely while I was away in freezing cold Chicago. A failed router and almost definitely a failed Raspberry Pi (if so the first time EVER in both cases and both in the same location) in one of my European installations.

The router and cameras are back up and running, the PI (which is on it’s way to be right now) should hopefully be resolved within the week thanks to helpful neighbours.

I also have a shedload of new toys for 2020:

Despite being an avid Alexa user I’ve never touched the Google Home stuff but the price of Home Minis (last generation) was so cheap at Wallmart near Chicago (15 dollars each) I just could not resist buying a couple. Meanwhile I’m expecting delivery of a new Xiaomi phone, new Blitzwolf power controllers and a high power breaker for my 3KW immersion heater here in the UK. A new smart band is here waiting for me and I have lots of other new toys to tell you about next week and beyond, in order to get the new year off to a flying start.

For now, I’m not yet sufficiently de-jet-lagged to do reviews but here’s a quicky on the first new toy I opened on my return.

Bluetooth earbuds

Here’s the back-story: On flying out to the USA I of course had my Pocophone all kitted out and ready for the 7+ hour flight from Edinburgh to JFK airport. I had also fully charged my beloved QCY-Q29 Bluetooth earphones which I’m almost sure I bought from Banggood (my good wishes to the folk over there during the scare with the Coronavirus) – I just created that link from scratch as I don’t actually have a copy of the purchase order.. sadly like other earphones they are not aeroplane-loo-proof as I found out to my peril as one of the earpieces went flying straight out of my ear and down the non-return aeroplane loo valve. I have to tell you I was gutted.

So, while I wait for my head to clear fully over the weekend, here is a quick update – while in the USA I ordered a replacement (and more up to date) set of Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds from AliExpress – now then, neither of the above links is a plug for the relevant company – I just figured there was no point in writing without giving you guys some links in case you find this interesting.

3 weeks later after I lost the QCY unit, my quickly-chosen replacement arrived here in the UK and last night I gave the new earbuds a good hammering watching the SUPERB Charlize Theron movie “Bombshell” about the Fox News culture – IMHO she’s wonderful and the anchor she played (Megan Kelly) is similarly impressive. I really like these new earbuds. Using MX-Player Pro on my Pocophone, these little inexpensive wonders include graphic equaliser and bass boost – and sound GREAT without the ridiculous prices I saw in Gearbest in Chicago for brand-name equivalents.

Not only that but the internal battery in the case has USB out to charge other devices and of course micro-USB in to charge the battery. I’ve now had several hours use out of the earbuds, popping them back into the charrging bay when I’m done and the battery (which I never charged to start with) is still at 74% – pretty good.

earbuds and large charger
Under £15 in UK pounds – can’t be bad – mine is black and hence looks smoother

Enjoy the photos – that’s it for now, I’ve a pile of new stuff with more to come and I also have to do lots of IOT work next week (including repairing my European IOT setup) so I’ll be blogging like crazy at some point later in the week.


4 thoughts on “New for 2020 – Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds and much more

  1. Pete,

    Now that you’ve had them for more than a week, how are you finding them? I’m definitely in the market for something with active noise cancelling (to get rid of the awful TV noise …fairdrivesyuzspareman); any good for that?

    One of the other things that their ad’ got me wondering was how they manage six functions with a single touch interface? Short and long taps? Morse code?


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