After a slight hiccup with the new board (LED track missing) here’s the new board  – link for PCB here – as you can see, Aidan has made several improvements – smaller buttons, connector for DHT22 etc, markings for I2c (right now I only have support for the 8-output expander discussed elsewhere but more will follow as time permits) and general tidy up. Both the original LED and the new RGB LED are included – personally I find coloured lights for status a lot more useful than a flashing light – but of course they can use more power. As well as the LCD project this board has become a general purpose ESP-12 board and I now would not use any other.  We’ve not wasted cost putting USB on it because FTDIs are cheap and that reduces the end cost of the board.   The link above has all the files – please note we’ve NOT had delivery of these, the previous version was almost the same and works but for a track on the WS2812b.. so it is highly likely this board will be just fine – will be a couple of weeks or so before we know (delivery from China) and another week before I get my hands on one (Aidan is in the UK, I’m in Spain). The I2C markings are just to make it easier to remember which pins you use – we didn’t have enough room for yet another 4-way connector. If you are looking in for the first time – see the Nextion WIFI Display blog and the Home Control 2016 blog.

I’ll be trying this out on a brand new Nextion board I just received (faster processor I think – not tested yet – will blog when I do) along with some other stuff from Itead

Enjoy. For my next trick – a new board from SEEED…. review coming up later.




9 thoughts on “New PCB

  1. Hi Pete, are these boards still okay with all you have learnt and experienced since then? I want to try out a board.

    1. That is the new enhanced board – I’ve just received one and plan to do a review of it in the coming days.

      $5 rebate is good. For what they are, the pricing is good.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Apart from WS2812b and new switches SW1 and SW2 and DHT22 any other changes to the board?
    What switches do you use now? Previously you used Omron B3F-10XX.


    1. You need to ask Aidan about the switch types – and he’s just got on a plane to Barcelona – he’ll be back Thursday next week.

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