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imageRegular readers will know that we’ve been having some capacity issues here at with our old provider “Unlimited Hosting” who turned out to be FAR from unlimited – and if you’re reading this – we’re now up and running with a new provider – Smart Hosting – not without teething problems but they’ve been REALLY helpful. Apologies if any of today’s comments have been lost in the process, an unfortunate product of changing over. Hopefully now you should see a far more responsive site.  I’ve already seen comments coming in so it’s all working. The next time someone promises me an “unlimited hosting” service I’m going to be a lot more critical of that claim!


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  1. Hi Peter

    If the old hosting co are UK based you could refer them to the Advertising Standards Authhority. The process is quite simple, just fill in a form on the ASA website.

    1. Hi Bill
      I’ll let others be the judge. Here is the advert…

      See the headline figure “completely unlimited”. And further down we have “unlimited web space and traffic” and “unlimited domains and mysql”

      I think that gives a pretty strong impression of being “unlimited” don’t you?

      I have 4 domains in use and one subdomain (this blog). Most of them are fairly low use – a few dozen visitors a day. This one gets betweeen 500 and 1000 visitors a day. The site has always been slower than I would have likes but as you know a couple of days ago it just fell over. ALL the sites just fell over. The best I could get out of them was that it could be plug-ins. They had no idea which and the best they would do was remotely turn all pluging on all sites off (I could not access the site). This of course is useless as the site won’t function without plug-ins (all of this is bog-standard WordPress stuff). They are used to prevent spam and to enhance the view – nothing clever.

      So much for unlimited. The new company I’m using today have made me aware that there ARE limitations of RAM and processes – and they say this applies so most similar accounts – but they have been very open and supportive. Time will tell if the service generally is better but right now the site is responding instantly.

      Right now with all sites running, I’m using 74 out of 256MB memory and 3 out of 20 entry processes as well as 4/100 IO disk usage. We’ll see later today when our American friends get up (actually, about now) how that figure does but up to now it’s looking good. The new company is

    2. Bill I took your advise and filled in the form with the advertising standards agency. Thanks.

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