Newwear Q3 Plus Smart Watch

I figured I was just about done with cheap smart watches as as couple I really like (Xanes B06 and Bakeey M30 and Maureen LOVES the Xiaomi Mi 3 – only charged it twice since she got it – I need colour) but then along comes another one I like. That’s probably it for watches (unless this one gets all scratched up).

Newwear Q3

The Newwear Q3 Plus is a metal gold coloured job – at least, mine is gold-coloured, goodness knows how long that finish will (or will not last) but I like it. Colour is good, charge life looking to be 3-6 days (I’ve not properly charged it yet – update day 4 – the battery monitor still says 30% – I may have underestimated this one), only 3 faces one of which is not for me, no blood sugar levels but it does everything else as per the ad below. Strap is properly adjustable so if you are no into the plastic ones you might like this. The App is called (no giggling) HEY BAND and despite the daft name is very easy to use – get it from the Playstore.

Ignore as always the utterly meaningless battery standby claims – I wish people would not do that.

Newwear Q3 Plus

Newwear Q3 Plus Long Standby Multi-language Smart Watch — More Wristbands —


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  1. Could you comment on if the smart watch is providing a reading for pulse & Blood Pressure when not even being worn. Some do & just show a default value which is a risk if one relies on what it displays. Cheers

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