NO.1 G8 MT2502 Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

I just received this nice looking watch – the NO.1 G8 MT2502 Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch —

No 1 WatchYes, I agree, what an odd name for a watch – yet despite all that, this one could be a winner. At first glance, in my case, the USB connection seemed really poor and the watch seemed determined to disconnect from charging despite trying various leads using a standard size-mount microUSB power connection.

On reflection I realised that all that is needed, is a slightly longer than normal microUSB connector head. I’m sure I’ll have one lying around somewhere. The watch of course comes with a lead but I have a tendency to lose USB  leads constantly.

The strap which is of course made of plastic, looks good.

You get a choice of watch faces (not expandable) as you can see and mine came with both black and red straps. It has phone, bracelet and watch modes as well as a tempered glass screen.I’ve not tried yet but the claim is that you can leave your phone at home, put your SIM into the watch and use it to make calls. Far more importantly, the battery does seem to last a few days. Don’t confuse this with the likes of the Samsung Gear 2 Classic which has many hundreds of watch faces available (some free, the rest cheaply) but then that watch costs COSIDERABLY more than the NO 1. Here is a live action shot for Leo.


Sorry, I could not manage the full glorious sunshine shot as it is planning to rain here in Northumberland through to next spring. More the torrential downpour photo but this should do with luck. As you can see, not bad looking in outdoor lighting and as it is still working, clearly at least splash-proof.. or rather was… I got sick of the waterproof USB cover and removed it.

Here is the packaging the watch came in..

imageHeart rate and blood pressure sensing make great additions to this low cost but good value bracelet. Mine is the black one. In all, smart band, calendar, watch, stopwatch, phone, alarm clock, calculator, massager and the features I’ve already mentioned. The unit has 2 buttons on the side and a touch screen. Bluetooth is version 4.0

There is also support for sleep monitoring, pedometer and more. The screen is full colour and resolution is 240×240.

Interestingly I’m updating this article in the USA. I’ve just been to Best Buy where they have a good variety of Smartphones and Smart Watches. It is noticeable over here that they tend not to feature Chinese brand names and there is FAR more use of the Apple watches and phones than you would find in the UK. Maybe everyone here has more money? I’m sure readers from the USA will comment.

With so much choice, especially from the likes of Banggood, I can see me getting at least one new watch this Christmas but for now the NO 1 is getting a good hammering and doing well.


8 thoughts on “NO.1 G8 MT2502 Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

  1. I wonder how they want to measure blood pressure. This is not an easy thing that can be done with a couple of cheap opto sensors / leds, like for heart rate or blood gases.
    If you ever had one of those long term blood pressure monitor nuisance machines fitted to your arm, pumping up every 20 minutes, you know “state of the art” sensors for this. I bet this is either complete nonsense (with no sensors) or some educated guessing derived from heart rate.
    Did you test this Pete?

    1. Not tested yet and probably an educated guess based on sensors. I have used blood pressure monitoring kit and it won’t be as good but then there is a price difference. My doctor says they take two readings and ignore the first so even pro kit can get invalid readings due to stress etc.

  2. No trick question! I just got a very cheap one(8€) which does not handle bright light, but still does amazing things for that price. Your confirmation helps me in deciding to spend a bit more money to get that aspect OK with much more functions.

    1. I have yet to come across any LCD or OLED that handles full sunlight well. Was that a trick question? It is not as good as my 200 quid plus Samsung Gear but for the price…

  3. I have the Galaxy frontier 3 watch. I love the heart rate function. Not with blood pressure throw. ;(

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