Node.ITMany of you have asked me about the devices I called ESP-210. I’d planned to take a boatload of early production boards with me to Boston this coming week – donated by Pontus Oldberg – but the couriers let us down (there’s a surprise).  So – I don’t know how long this link will remain live – I’ll fix this blog entry when it changes – but for now – feast your eyes on this..


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  1. As you may have noticed we have gone live with the Kickstarter project. Feel free to comment or ask questions if anything is unclear. Thanks for your support.


    1. Hey and thanks for trying to get boards to us here in Boston, Pontus – shame the courier let us down. Everything is going well here and we’re happily demonstrating everything from Node-Red through to ESP-Arduino – the designer is here with us which is great.

  2. Hi Pete, Guys,
    We’ve made huge updates to the preview and we are working hard to finish it all. It will be submitted to Kickstarter for review this evening and will be live shortly there after. You still have time to check it out and make comments to it.


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