Node-Red Madness

As of right now – this is page one of my node-red setup – today I managed to get text to speech running on the Raspberry Pi (not on the Orange Pi as that’s not having sound at all) and note at the bottom right – my latest additions ready for Spanish delivery phone calls…. This does not include the reporting page (to Grovestreams), initialisation, websockets stuff etc….that adds at least the same again. I can see this just growing and growing.  I now get verbal feedback when boards log in – much better than checking flashing lights..



5 thoughts on “Node-Red Madness

  1. I used the Parallax Emic 2 text-to-speech module. It take just a simple text string over serial and converts it to speech. Works great and is too easy to set up.
    I have to say I have found a ton of help in your posts thank you so much.

  2. So far I have been a silent observer/user of all your tech offerings and you have silently been an inspiration & mentor for me and I am sure to many others .

    I have gotten grips with ES8266 and Node-Red using your blogs .

    That is very British of you , so thank you .


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