8 thoughts on “OLED just a quick one

  1. Dear Peter and Ian! Thank you once again for the link to PCB and for PCBs 🙂

    Been using these with BME680 as a temperature, humidity, air pressure and air quality I2C sensor, 1.3′ and 0.96′ Oled’s and lua plus moquitto mqtt behind them (somehow I am not a big fan of Arduino). Waiting for gesture sensors to add interaction possibilities 😉


    1. I dont use Arduino on ESP8266 – specifically ESP-GO. I use C and the SDK. As you mention it I should maybe add the 680 – I’ll have a look. I support the bme280 and ssd1306 oled.

  2. Paid using Paypal 😉 Thanks for the nice idea and simple realisation – going to use with BME280 or, maybe later, with BME680. Thank you again!

  3. Wow! I posted 5 sets of PCBs this morning 🙂
    Including yours Frantisek.
    I still have plenty left!

  4. I just need something like that.. thanks.
    Paid by PayPal.
    Hi Ian, send it to my address ASAP :=)
    BR Frantisek

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