Orein Smart Bulbs E14 RGBTW 4-Pack

Orein Smart lamps

Just a quick one. I received these “Elves E14” candle-style bulbs as samples to test. Good, bright white from cold to warm. Work with Alexa and Google Home. Took me seconds to link the free Orien account with my Google Home account. Nice soft-start and stop. Easy to setup thanks to built-in BT+WiFi.

Orien probably won’t like the rest of this: The WHITE is great but… abysmal colour brilliance. They don’t work with SmartLife App or similar so you end up with yet another APP (Orien) to control them. Unless you want to fit out the whole house with the same lamps – really? I’m sticking with Tasmota WiFi lights and Zigbee. If you’re happy with speech control via Alexa or Google – fine… but then you are relying entirely on reliable WiFi. I prefer a local control backup where possible.

A general comment:

Typical of most Smart lamps – 5 on-off cycles ending in ON will reset these lights to factory settings. I’ve never understood this – as someone who lives in a rural area where we get rather unclean power brownouts it is entirely likely that eventually there will be at least 5 glitches in a row. This is not unique to this brand at all. My advice while I’m here: fit smart breakers to the home – I have a smart leakage breaker which, in the event of a power outage or brownout will keep everything turned off for 30 seconds – that solved the problem of smart lamps resetting – not to mention extending the life of household appliances.


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