A quick note – I have made all of my sites secure (https://) and so the original OTA site for my ESP8266 ROMS is no longer appropriate.   roms.webutu.com  is now the place to go –   sorry for any inconvenience. The files are not seen if you visit the site, just a home page - you simply enter the name of the site followed by slash and the rom name - for example...  roms.webutu.com/rom.bin

Files available are:






blank.bin and esp_init_data_default.bin are needed for utterly blank ESP12 units.

rboot.bin and rom.bin are for my new ESP8266 code (which no longer supports ESP-01)


5 thoughts on “OTA

  1. Please note - thanks to some service provider issues which were delaying download of files and making some OTA operations LOOK like they were failing - I've moved the ROMS to http://roms.webutu.com which is a lot prettier but the operation is the same. I've also updated the various blog items to rever to the newer code I've been working on which no longer supports ESP-01 boards (needs 4MB - so ESP12 etc).

  2. Please also note that updating roms to the new versions will clear user data - as I had to move things around to allow over 0.5 meg of flash. The good side of this is that I'm starting to incorporate lots of icons and fonts in the various displays- that latter point is not yet fully documented but it will be soon.

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