Owon B35T+ Meter Revisit

Regular readers will know that back in December I had a very full postbag one day and lumped several items together including the Owon Bluetooth multimeter. Well, I’d planned to give some of them more coverage but again, regular readers will also know that shortly thereafter I had a stroke which put me out of action for nearly three months. I’ve been back up and running for some time but late last month, a carpal tunnel operation once again reduced my writing ability – so I’m still catching up with my writing plans.

Today I pulled out the Owon meter and the reason I fell for this device is all coming back to me.


The above pic is a screenshot from the Android phone app for the meter. You can see I’m using the supplied thermocouple to measure temperature, note that the app also handles audio output, handy when, for example, checking processor temperatures on a breadboard project with both hands tied and very little bench space. Like the meter, the App is easy to use and talks to the meter via Bluetooth.

I covered the features of the B35T+ in the original blog but another photo won’t go amiss.


If you want to know more, check out the original blog entry and my YouTube video


6 thoughts on “Owon B35T+ Meter Revisit

  1. I sympathize with the carpal tunnel, Peter. I have been dealing with it for years and have to be very careful not to aggravate it. Did the surgery help? I've been thinking I will probably need to get it eventually, but for now I can just barely keep it in check.

  2. I bought an M5 Stack the other day and so far I'm very impressed with it, got it subscribing to MQTT data and displaying it, someone has also written an owon remote BT meter display for it.

    I know the M5 Stack is a bit expensive but I suppose you could put together something a lot cheaper or just use the smartphone, anyway for info.

    You can pick them up from China for around £30 which, for what's included and the finish, isn't a bad price IMO.

  3. Very good, interesting project. The M5 stack itself is certainly interesting with some marvellous extensions. For anyone unfamiliar with this, the basic module is available from their Aliexpress store at around £30 sterling.

    If you need something ready to go with ESP32 and colour display for your project, in a nice box, then this might be a good choice. Not particularly cheap but then it is ready to go.

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