Owon ODP3033 Bench Triple Power Supply

And why would anyone write abut a power supply? Not the most interesting subject, but like many boring things such as backups, essential. I created a short video last month about the Owon P4603 – a single channel job of particular interest as it has a “proper” toroid instead of relying on a tiny switched-mode supply.


Well, THIS ONE is a true MONSTER. I could not believe the size of the box it came in – and the weight? No chance of this getting damaged in the lab. It is ROCK SOLID. The ODP3033 is an “accurate, professional power supply capable of delivering 195w”. Precision is claimed to be up to 1 mv and 1 ma with noise as low as 2 mVpp.

Both RS232 and USB connectors are available on the back as well as RJ45 LAN. The supply is able to program arbitrary waveforms with up to 100 points which means it can be use as a basic waveform generator. Presets can be stored in up to 10 groups for quick switching between different voltage and current levels.

I’m a little confused as to the layout choice, the (480×320) display shows channels 1, 2 and 3 in left to right order whereas in reality they are CH3, CH1, CH2 in that order with CH3 being more limited than the other two. Overall however it makes a great addition to my desktop.

Not cheap, this is a professional supply and though not obvious in the photo, size is 250mmx158mmx358mm (ie deep) hence my use of the term MONSTER. The supply weighs 9.8kg and comes complete with USB lead, power cord (mine came with an EU cord, easily replaced), spare fuse and manual.

As you can see, two of the outputs can be grounded to +V, -V or not at all. All channels offer up to 3A output, channels 1 and 2 can run from 0 to 30v, channel 3 from 0 to 6v. Maximum overall power is 198w

The unit hsa an automatic cooling system – so no noise on low load – that’s handy – more later…


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