Owon XDG2035 Function Generator

Owon XDG2035 Signal Generator

I just received my Owon XDG2035 only to realise they yet don’t have it advertised on their UK site – however, Eleshop EU has it advertised at 289 Euros + tax (and their photo is better than mine – other than that I have zero connection with them) – I have only soft-warm lighting in my office, ideal for working, rubbish for reviews and, mid-June 2020, it’s currently like deepest autumn in Northumberland. Meanwhile her is the main website for Owon.

Briefly, the XDG2035 is a 2-channel function generator that generates signals with a maximum frequency of 35 MHz.

With a resolution of 1 µHz and a sample rate of 500 MSa/s, the device should be great for a range of applications.

Owon XDG2035 Function Generator

The function generator is able to generate 6 standard waveforms (sine, square, triangle, pulse etc.) and 150 arbitrary waveforms. With the included PC software you can write advanced functions up to 10 million points. I’ve clearly not tested that yet. These waveforms can be stored in internal memory via USB or LAN using a PC. The XDG2000 series also supports SCPI commands and LabView. Owon’s Hong Kong site refers to the XDG2000 series with specific reference to the XDG2035 if that helps anyone. I guess the key points about the XDG2035 include 35Mhz maximum frequency output and 500MS/s

The generators have 14-bit vertical resolution while the LCD screen has a resolution of 800*480.

Owon XDG2035 Function Generator

At this point I’ve barely checked out the unit but already it looks good and is a nice match for my XDS3104E 4-channel scope. On a 2Mhz square wave check I noticed a TINY overshoot when checking on the scope but not anything I’d worry about. I plan to take this device with me in the summer (whenver we are actually allowed to travel and no doubt give it a good trashing. At this time (June 10, 2020) Eleshop are awaiting stock. Meanwhile some basic specs:

The XDG2035 has an integrated high-quality frequency counter that can operate from 100 mHz to 200 MHz and did I mention, it’s pretty. I’ll reduce the whole unpackaging thing to 2 photos, I’m sure that’s not a big interest – mine came all the way from China and survived the trip well thanks to sturdy packing – no thanks to DHL who seem to have done their best to dent the packaging.

Owon XDG2035 Signal Generator packing

Expect more on this once I get some feedback on the touch-screen and it becomes more widely available. For now, you probably heard it here first.


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