OWSOO 801 1080p WiFi IP Camera

I’ve had security cameras here in Spain and in the UK for many years. My original cameras, low cost Chinese models here in Spain, finally started to give up this year after around 8 years of reliable service. I chose the Owsoo 801 (also referred to as KKMoon) ONVIF cameras as replacements.Owsoo camera

Not exactly household names – and there are many cheap Chinese models out there… why these? Well, they are not waterproof but they DO have remote movement control. Together with a roof overhang here in Spain of around 8” I find this to be a good combination and the similar looking Tenvis models before them, lasted for years in the same conditions these will meet. . At first I realised I could not get to the MAC number of these which I felt might make it difficult to access them remotely.

Then I remembered my router has VPN server capability and the problem of external access went away.

I used the KKMoon settings (very simple) with my choice of user name and pass. Unlike many models which insist on special Apps to view the video (which IMHO makes them useless) these cheap (£24 AliExpress – https://www.aliexpress.com/item/OWSOO-Wireless-Security-IP-Camera-WIFI-Home-Surveillance-1080P-Night-Vision-CCTV-Camera-IP-Onvif-P2P/32819057757.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.142.5450c577D9rM5j&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10547_10342_10343_10340_10548_10341_10696_10084_10083_10618_10307_10820_10301_10821_10303_10846_10059_10848_100031_10103_524_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_3&algo_expid=24cbaf74-d52f-4ccf-914a-b118b28c49f8-19&algo_pvid=24cbaf74-d52f-4ccf-914a-b118b28c49f8&transAbTest=ae803_1&priceBeautifyAB=0 ) cameras are usable with the company’s preferred App for Android and IOS as well as their pretty awful PC program. Di I say 1080p? Yes they have decent quality imagery at several frames a second, depending on your connection.

But more importantly they work with both the PC and mobile versions of IP Cam Viewer (I use the Pro version on mobile). PC version is free, mobile can be free with an ad.

Record video to SD, or remotely or not at all. Motion detection and IR-CUT night view, all work a treat.

The cameras come with 5v 1 amp mains supplies and can run wired networking or WIFI – I chose the latter.

For the  PC, Antonio (Mr Shark) recently suggested trying generic ONVIF software available from Sourceforge for free. https://sourceforge.net/projects/onvifdm/files/onvifdm-v2.2.250/odm-v2.2.250.msi/download?use_mirror=vorboss&r=https%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Fonvifdm%2Ffiles%2F&use_mirror=vorboss

I did and it works a treat on the PC, the setup allows for fixed IP/ports and reports the device MAC address.

The image here is from my mobile phone (via OneNote and grabbed in GreenShot to make for easier blogging)

camera pics

Ignore the crappy camera naming. There are two wall cameras in this single photo. As you can see the quality is ok. No zoom on these but for the price, what do you expect. The last couple of years has seen big improvements in these low-end cameras.

And yes they have bidirectional audio. I have two of these cameras, I’m going to buy more.


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  1. Hi all, my cam is on firmware version V9. Is there a later version available?

  2. I have two of these which i purchased £15 each on a market website, I am having issues recording longer than 16 seconds on motion, I have accessed the interface through web app web page ad Android app and have been unable to rectify this issue. Ant suggestions would be welcome.

  3. Hi. I bought one of these OWSOO cameras. I installed the official android app MinyEye, which has low rating and bad reviews… (https://goo.gl/Z8Jx5d). I followed the manual steps to setup the camera. Everything works fine until I disconnect the Lan cable. Before that, the WIFI connection app screen is green and shows connected, but without the cable it goes unconnected…. Did you have that problem? Many comments on the app page show the same problem. Any hint? Thanks in advance!

    1. I’ve never used minieye… I use Andreoid App CamHi (and now CamHiPro) – no problems – I’ve left 2 of those cameras in Spain – hardwired – and one here in the UK on WIFI – no problem.

    1. I apologise for the double post, the first one came back as an error and didn’t show as posted. Please disregard this post.

  4. Hello,

    I agree these cameras are quite good for the price. However, I cannot install a camera outside due to property rental rules.

    Because of this, I have to place my camera inside while pointing out the window. This creates a significant glare at night, because the IR reflects off of the window, making it useless at night.

    I use the app the camera came with as it is a simple interface. Does anyone know if the IR function can be disabled from the app or on the camera somehow?

    I’ve used black electrical tape to cover the IR, but the light still bounces back.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    1. I use this script in my raspberry pi. You can get the description of nearly all the commands in the manual: http://ipcamcontrol.net/files/_DericamCGI-HD.pdf


      curl –insecure “https://admin:admin@camera_ip/web/cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=setinfrared&-infraredstat=open” -o /mnt/usb/curl_result_log.txt 2>/dev/null

      curl –insecure “https://admin:admin@camera_ip/web/cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi?cmd=setinfrared&-infraredstat=close” -o /mnt/usb/curl_result_log.txt 2>/dev/null

      if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
      case $1 in on|off)

      1. Magic – thank you for that contribution, it might help me, too. Sadly the link for the PDF times out and I get a crappy html version…

  5. Hello. How can you get it to work on IP Cam Viewer? Not sure what to add for Make, Model, IP and Port. Where do you find that out?

      1. Thank you. I got it working selecting Foscam 8920 or something like that but the refresh rate was really bad. It is really smooth with the Dericam you suggest, but there is quite a long delay between the live image and what I see on the program (about 3 seconds). The best one is the CamHi app that the instructions recommend to download (smooth and no delay), but I cannot add my other cameras to it. Hopefully IPCam Viewer will add this Owsoo to the list.

    1. FTP gives you bad resolution because it uses the second stream.

      I’m using Pete’s radar proposal https://tech.scargill.net/microwave-radar/ (on a Sonoff Basic with Tasmota) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/RCWL-0516-microwave-radar-sensor-module-Human-body-induction-switch-module-Intelligent-sensor/32815569429.html to start this script on a Raspberry Pi:

      openRTSP -V -D 1 -c -B 10000000 -b 10000000 -q -Q -F /mnt/usb/ipcam1/cam_kk1 -d 28800 -P 60 -u admin admin -I rtsp:// &

  6. I’m using stunnel in a Raspberry Pi (to get https) and ZeroTier (to keep the ports on my router closed).
    Then I can control the infrared in the IP cam just executing in a browser in my Android Smartphone:
    Disable Infrared

    Enable Infrared

    I found the commands here:

    I use IP Cam Viewer in Android to watch and control the camera (it seems that currently tinyCam cannot use the stunnel mechanism)

  7. I’m trying to send http commands to the camera from my Raspberry Pi using curl.
    While using Wireshark to get the actual commands sent from the web page I noticed the camera was ‘calling home’ every minute using UDP messages on port 32100.

  8. Sorry, should read ‘every 2 minutes ( not 10 seconds) which is what I have set as the record time on ‘motion detect’.

      1. If your’e using the exact same camera, in the PC app HiP2P you can set the video to record either .264 or AVI….
        ONVIF device manager app will play .264 natively from within the app folder

  9. Is there a decent tech guide for this camera ?
    I have one which seems to work ok . I want to use it at night but it seems to record an AVI every 10 seconds. It’s set to motion detect mode .I can’t figure out why. I’ve tried an SD card etc. recording is to PC hard drive. email and ftp is not set up. I’m using this to film wildlife at night….

  10. The Aliexpress page doesn’t show it. Can this cam be mounted upside down, like to the bottom of an overhang?

    1. I’m not familiar with the software mentioned in this article but 99% of webcam software I have ever used allows you to flip the image both horizontally and vertically so mounting upside down has never been a problem for me.

      Hope this helps.

  11. The handling charge is levied by royal mail for collecting the vat as determined by customs. I bought a £16 card last week and they wouldn’t deliver till I went online and paid £1 vat and £8 handling. Doesn’t happen every time but often enough to make me wary of buying things just over the £15 threshold. Even if you appeal and win you still have to pay the handling charge.

    1. VAT is one thing, that so called handling charge is another thing, a clear rip off. I’m surprised people don’t noisily object.

  12. It’s a good price for 1080p but if they report the true value on the paperwork then when it arrives in the UK you get hit with £5 VAT plus an £8 Royal Mail handling charge pushing it closer to the UK pricing. Amazon do a decent ONVIF camera with the same spec( but a 720p resolution) for the same £23 price tag as this one.

    1. I bought it from AliExpress, into the UK and there were no charges at all. Why would anyone today want a 720p camera when you can have 1080p at the same price? I never incur charges for small items from China. As for the handling charge – that is simply institutionalised extortion. Always insist on using normal mail, NOT couriers. In rural Spain where I am now, that is even more important as DHL think of a charge and double it, while local courier SEUR could not deliver to the door if their lives depended on it. Normal mail here is fine.

      1. Thought I’d share my experience of ordering from Aliexpress, also from here in Spain…

        Interestingly after a year of ordering items from Aliexpress I finally had an item “held by customs”. It was a box of random small items from an Aliexpress seller. 40 euros’ worth of items for which they demanded VAT of about 8 euros then the dreaded ‘handling fee’ of 19 euros or so. So I had to hand over 27 euros in cash to the (always very pleasant) post lady. This is in Andalusia, Spain (Malaga then Granada).

        The item was delayed by about 5 days then on arrival I had to pay the additional amount.

        I’m sharing the info as I think knowing the sheer number of items I’ve had arrive means I can figure out the odds.

        Items under 20 euros aren’t subject to VAT, so what I’ve learned is that if you need to order many items from the same seller, simply ask them to send in batches. In my experience Aliexpress sellers are happy to do this for no extra charge.

        Items over 20 euros typically incur VAT, however, I have ordered perhaps 15 items over 20 euros and only once did custom stop it. So my guess is that only about 5-10% of items are checked on import, and they are probably more likely to choose boxes of items over small envelope packages. E.g. I had another similar delivery last month that was actually 78 euros of items and it got through fine.

        So the solution to the issue (at least for now), is to keep orders to under 20 euros from each seller, or ask for split orders where items total more than that.

        As Peter says, Correos are decent and I always go for the Aliexpress standard delivery which is usually the second cheapest and includes tracking and signing for the packages.

        I don’t know the state of things in other countries but these last 12 months for me have been fantastic in terms of getting so much quality stuff for so little, long may it continue!

        1. I agree completely. VAT I can agree with but the so called handling charge is just robbery – plain and simple. I’ve had that “handling robbery” in the UK also. Someone sent me a sample for review but put on the package the correct value for insurance. I politely asked them never to do that again. All that was fine but of course I had to pay fuel costs to get to the Hexham post office (we lived quite a few miles North of Hexham) – not to mention my time.

        2. Amazon here won’t budge from using SEUR who are just bone idle and will not deliver slightly out of town (less than a mile) – and seem perfectly happy that any old person signs for an inportant parcel. I’ve told all my suppliers NOT to use SEUR. Fedex are good, DHL seem to dream up charges, so overall, Correos (normal post) are my favourite though clearly slower than Fedex (and correspondingly cheaper).

        3. same in italy… i usually don’t buy stuff from china above 22€ (this seems to be the real limit, not 20) and never had issues, so far… this is valid for any shipment from far east, not just aliexpress… a year ago i bought an odroid hc1 for 63€… i had 27€ more as vat+customs…

          1. yeah from memory I thought it was around 20 euros, 22 sounds correct most likely for the entire EU zone.

            I had one item with 38 euros listed on the package arrive last week, no issues or additional payment needed, I imagine they only check 10-20% worth of packages.

  13. I am curious to see how an outdoor night vision image looks like. Can you please add one to this page? There is a night vision image on the page you link to, but it is from a kitchen and I am not 100% sure it just a day light image converted to black/white.

    1. It says they are ONVIF, which is a standard API that any camera app should work with.

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