Pebble Time

imageJust a slight diversion to tell you about my new Pebble Time watch.  Pebble as you may be aware brought out a Kickstarter project some time ago which did well, a watch based on the same technology used in the Kindles – a black and white display that uses no power when standing by and works in direct sunlight. Well, they’ve done it again and this time it is in full colour.

The technology means that not only can you read the watch in bright sunlight – but the battery should last a week. Mine arrived this morning with 50% battery charge and by midnight was down to 40% so that sounds not far off.

There are many Apps for it (quite a few of which are naff but it is early days), particularly if you have an Android phone and the watch interacts by low-power Bluetooth with your phone to get notifications, setup and more.  Of particular interest to me, one app lets you set up and use screen controls which send off URLS – which of course can then be used to control things. Sadly there isn’t an MQTT app yet but give it time! There are apps for several home control systems however so it is worth a look. I just could not stomach the idea of charging a watch every day but once a week – sure. The watch comes complete with magnetic charge USB lead.

I bought the white one.