Pi2 Keyboard

I’ve been using Raspberry Pi2 now for over a month and while VNC and winSCP are indispensible, when you’re having trouble with the Pi (WIFI?) there’s nothing like controlling it directly. I’ve been swapping monitors back and forth and finally gave the Pi a screen of it’s own.  I took a look at keyboard sharing but I already use Input Director between my PCs and didn’t want to mess that up –  I tried swapping USB keyboards around but that gets messy and you (apparently) can’t use Bluetooth keyboards… and so I took the plunge and bought one of these little critters.



Just over a tenner – and I have to say it is MARVELOUS.

The keyboard which fits into a large hand, comes with USB charger but also in the top is a pull-out wireless dongle. I plugged that into the Pi, turned the keyboard on and within seconds, no setup I had a keyboard and mouse-pad all up and running on the Pi.

So – if you want direct control of the Pi and you’re a little short of room on the desktop – this is a definite winner. You can switch it on and off over and over with no adverse affect on the Pi at all.


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    1. I noticed a round bit on mine – blocked off. Oh well, I already have a seriously powerful blue laser so I’ll manage 🙂

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