PiSugar 2 and PiSugar 2 Pro

I’m now the proud owner of both the PiSugar 2 and PiSugar 2 Pro

These are un-interruptible power supplies for the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi (3A, 3B, 3B+, 4B. Both of these boards come complete with magnetically attached Lithium battery – 1200maH capacity in the case of the Pi Sugar2 and 5000maH for the Pi Sugar 2 Pro.

Sugar 2 and Sugar 2 Pro UPS for Raspberry Pi
{iSugar 2 Pro and PiSugar 2

The products are designed by PiSugar Kitchen in China – I don’t have any special links so I’ll simply point you to their Tindie page for the Pro – there is also a shedload of info on GitHub

The reason I took an interest in the PiSugar 2 Pro was that there are very few uninterruptibles out there really suitable for the RPi4 and this one came to my attention, I think from one of my blog subscribers. Both products have a tiny RTC battery and are held together with magnets.

What I don’t personally like about these two units are the connectors – you can see them in the photo – useful if you have a Rasperry Pi or a Pi Zero on it’s own but together with the case I use on RPi4, I can see a wiring bodge job ahead to use these.


One thought on “PiSugar 2 and PiSugar 2 Pro

  1. I’m still looking for a more standard USB tablet charger pack for this UPS feature. I’d found one which would leave the 5V USB output on while charging but it reduced current output so only a rPiZW would work at best.

    I want the USB option since I often use my GPIO pins and would rather strap a battery pack/charger to it than stack things off the GPIO header.

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