QC 3.0 Car Chargers

QC3.0 Car ChargerThat’s it, all my “normal” USB chargers are gone – worse than useless for charging modern phones – and today the mail brought the second of a pair of purchased QC3.0 car chargers – I believe from AliExpress or Banggood. Look up this model in their ads based on price and colour/shape. These have two outputs, one is 3.1 amps max at 5v USB, the other is QC3.0 USB at whatever voltage up to I think 12v (in a car, more on mains power) that the phone requires – trust me – the difference between that and standard USB is staggering.

If your smartphone does not handle Quick Charge you will see little difference when charging the phone in the car, if it DOES, then typically the phone will say “Charging Fast” or similar and will charge even while being drained by you using the SatNav capability in the phone.

And the thing is, these cost under £4 from China (or Hong Kong, can’t remember what the invoice said). One took under a couple of weeks to arrive here in Spain, the other took maybe the same time to the UK. Build quality looks good and the first one has  been running for months. I needed two as we have two cars and are forever forgetting to swap gear over. Short (1m or less), thick leads are assumed but QC3.0 is the real game-changer.

If you don’t know what Quickcharge is – you are doomed – or rather – read this urgently. I picked this at random. https://blog.banggood.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-qc-2-0-qc1-0-and-standard-charging-31807.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc_ods&utm_campaign=content-sdsrm-samsung-pur&utm_content=ysq&ad_id=305784351766&gclid=CjwKCAjw4NrpBRBsEiwAUcLcDHzM9YOBH6yND4YHleHa8wBhhgDRyCaXuj3JpjyPT1UCw3X5PsdY2hoC92gQAvD_BwE


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  1. Hi I have used these before ,not had one blow up yet,but for a few pounds I get a spare just in case,I have used AliExpress lots of times.

    1. As have I used AliExpress, Banggood and Gearbest many times, more often than not (but not always) in preference to Ebay.

  2. Bought something similar for a long trip in the camper van earlier this year. Only lasted about 4 weeks. Good when it was working but now completely dead.

    Be interested to see how long hours last. I’m assuming they all are using the same or very similar components under the skin.


    1. My first one (same model as the new one) has survived months of hot Spanish weather in the car, I brought it over from the UK in April (was quite cool then) so I’d be guaranteed to keep the phone charged despite heavy Satnav use. I’m hoping it will survice the current heatwave, so far it has fared better than me.

    2. @Simon : QC is still a CP thing in PRC. So it is to be expected at these prices to get the occasional dud. Been ordering, as have thousands of fellow r/c fans, the cheapest motors and radio gear possible from BG, and it it always advisable to order 5 motors (for instance) when needing 4. For some exclusive gear, like from a specific brand, like a vtx (video transmitter of fpv quadrotorracer) i got a replacement, twice! no costs, just had to put up a Youtube vid showing the defect. and these are still only €15, so hardly worth the trouble.
      It’s a choice, you can also buy the exact same china goods in EU (Byebeyboris/Byebyeblighty? 😉 for a bit more from BG, as it will include the shipping and customs cost but cuts the waiting time. And yer local shop will probably also carry some at 10x the price, i can’t blame m and still feel slightly guilty as a lot of electronics shops over the last 50yrs have been, for me at least, both lifesavers and candystores, and oceans of knowledge. Sad to see m go…

    1. Dual USB Quick Charging 3.0 for Samsung Xiaomi Car USB Charger for Type-C iphone Huawei Xiaomi Tablet mobile phone QuickCharge

      AliExpress – I got the white one.

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