RAMLOG and the mysteries of Linux

ramJust as I thought I was getting to grips with this – reality comes back to punch me in the teeth…

I have 2 Raspberry Pis running Debian (latest 4.1 Linux version) and RAMLOG . In each case at 6.25 in the morning they restart RAMLOG (which for those who don’t know, ensures that all log files are updated in RAM to save wearing out the SD). A restart flushes all the logs to disk – and so it makes sense to do that daily (assuming you have some kind of un-interruptable on the PI which I do in the form of cheap USB battery/charging units.

At 6.25am, Pi number 2 sends me an email to say that Ramlog has restarted. Pi number 1 does not send me an email.

So – I went to WEBMIN this morning and looked at the CRON jobs – identical. In each case I pressed the SAVE AND RUN button – and in each case they both reported back that RAMLOG is restarting.. Lovely – except that NEITHER sent me an email.