Raspberry Pi 2 startup

I’m using the Raspberry Pi 2 (note the 2 – i.e. the new one) – which up to now I’m quite happy with – still got a little way to go but I have this annoying message in the Raspbian desktop when it comes up (on powerup).


Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it. It’s not doing any harm, it’s not stopping anything working but it’s driving me nuts.

Please keep it simple, I’m a Windows man.


3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 2 startup

    1. Well I do. In fact there were two versions of those transistors – clear and white – I think I got mine from Bi-Pre-Pak or Bi-Pak. Even the white ones with care you could put in the spin dryer and make them photosensitive.

      And that brings us to the Pi – it would appear that there is something that is photosensitive – of course the obvious solution is to put it in a box.. but… my black box turned up today, very nice – but I noted that after being in the box for a while, on opening, the whole thing in fact gets warm. I’m really inclined to start again with a box with a fan in it!

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