Raspberry Pi 3 Spoiler

While waiting for my new Raspberry Pi 3 board to arrive so I can blog about it – I thought I’d jot down some thoughts following a conversation with a pal of mine in Canada.

Today, a new Raspbian release came out supporting the 64-bit Raspberry Pi 3.  Hopefully it will be completely backwards compatible – the first thing I’ll be doing is trying out my script and I’ll report back if there are any issues.

The new board has both Bluetooth and WIFI – and of course the thing here is that they are not using any of the 4 USB ports – which means you could be using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse – and STILL have 4 USB ports available – that pretty much blows away most of the competition – just a shame none of those ports are USB3.

The new NOOBS installer, should you go down that route – now has Windows 10 if that’s your thing. I saw a preview today and it looks ok – apparently both released and insider preview versions are available.

The new 64-bit Arm A8  Raspberry Pi 3 looks once again to have set the bar – it could be that many will be looking at their newly acquired alternatives and pondering putting them in the bin.

Until the postman arrives tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 3 Spoiler

  1. According to da-Man, 64-bit isn’t really something that the Foundation is pushing as a selling point right now; the choice of processor was made on the basis of improved 32-bit performance, rather than the fact that it is 64-bit capable. Don’t expect anything other than 32-bit until people have had time to ramp up their development projects.
    (Source:- Eben interview on Pi-Podcast)

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