Raspberry Pi 2 VNC Error Message Solved

UltraVNCToday is getting better by the minute. I’ve been plagued with my new Raspberry Pi 2with a harmless but annoying message when remotely accessing it from my PC with UltraVNC.

A box would pop up with

GDIBUS Error.org freedesktop.PolicyKit1 Error.Failed:; An Authentication agent already exists for the given subject.


Well, to cut a long story short, even the Raspberry Pi group had no answer for this as many of the proposed solutions needed menus that do not exist on the Pi. until I stumbled upon this link – solved the problem completely.


While I’m on – I’ve been reading about editors for the Pi… the one that comes with the 2 (nano) is like a step back into the last century. I downloaded something called Joe and that looks quite fine – but then when playing with a toy that someone else put me onto on my PC – that is WinSCP – which I’m now using in preference to my normal FTP client – I happened to notice an EDIT function for files on the other side of the wire – i.e. on the Pi itself. Well, it works, appears a little like Notepad, transparently downloads the file and opens for edit and when you save – sends it back. I tried some simple Python files and they worked a treat. THEN I realised I could customise the editor in winSCP – so I told it about my favourite PC editor, NotePad++ which i have heavily customised and themed. Well, it just works. So now I can editor Pi Python and other files in my normal comfortable environment.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way as loads of people probably say.


4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 2 VNC Error Message Solved

  1. Generally I’m using QTCreator as an IDE on Linux.
    On RasPi, I mostly share my directories over samba so I can work directly from Windows with NP++, and just run make from the RasPi in a ssh terminal window.
    I’ve not gone into the burden to setup a cross compiling environment yet, but I’ve been told Adafruit has a how-to about it.

    1. Yes, LEAF is good – but now I have set up winSCP to use NotePAD++ as the default editor… a good combination.

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