Rechargeable Hoofun Air Duster from Amazon

Hoofun air cleaner

No, not an ad, not expected to write about – my last air duster simply stopped working yesterday and so I had to urgently buy another – couldn’t clean out the vacuum without one and by this morning the filter was caked. Which vacuum – this one. Which old blower? This one. Both from 2021.

The robot vacuum has been running without issue since 2021 because around the same time I got the air blower to keep the filter etc clean – what a combo – sadly the air blower just died, its Lithium battery (sealed unit – I could not get it open) simply stopped working. The new blower, up to now, looks absolutely marvellous – cleaned the vacuum filter (I’d not even charged it – straight out of the box), my PC keyboard and more – check out the blow strength near the start of the video below.

As far as I’m concerned this or something like it is a must-have – but be aware I paid €29.98 Euros at – last time I checked, they wanted €43 – so check pricing.


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