Redme Airdots 2S TWS Earbuds

There’s only so much to tell about my new Redme Airdots earbuds – mainly as the instructions were entirely in Chinese (Note I’ve changed the link to the updated airdots 3 as the 2S are no longer available). The important stuff is all over the web – Bluetooth 5.0, noise cancellation and control touch button. If you look back over my blog (check the link above), I’m always reviewing or at least reporting on earbuds and most of them end up with friends, leaving me with my trusty original Redme earbuds. Somehow I always end up back with Xiaomi – the buds work, last for hours and are nice and small… nothing really changes from that perspective with the Airdots 2S TWS earbuds.

A nice fit in the ear, they sound good, now with noise cancelling (though I’ve not had a chance to put that feature to the test) and as with earlier products, the case charges them several times. Unlike the originals which used a microUSB connector, these use USB-C (doesn’t everything now?). No lead wa provided with the buds

I don’t know about you but I really dislike large earbuds. These are small and with no long protrusion out of the bottom. Several hours on a charge, 1 hour to recharge and several charges from the case itself – sounds like a good plan for taking them on short breaks.

The buds are also easy to clean and easier to get out of the case (in bed, in the dark – very important) than the earlier model.